If you thought that outsourcing was true of just the IT industry, you need to live a dog’s life to know how not true it is.

Dog owners in Mumbai are fast discovering the comfort of a new phenomenon called “dogsourcing”.

With most dog owners finding it difficult to spend quality time with their pets, “doggie” businesses have been sniffing success bigtime in Mumbai’s suburbs.

One of the aspects of dogsourcing is professional dogwalkers.

Take the case of businessman Karamjit Singh. A Goregaon resident, Singh finds it difficult to spend time with his dog Tuffy like he once did.

“I leave early for office, so I get no time,” he rues.

In walks professional dogwalker Hemant who gives Tuffy the perfect company and that much-needed walk.

“I walk dogs for 40 to 45 minutes in a day,” says Hemant who works for Mumbai’s Royal Art Pet Shop.

One can now engage a professional to walk their dog for anything between Rs 900 to Rs 5,000 a month depending on the breed and quality of services provided.

You can even get your pet groomed in the comfort of your home for Rs 1,000 per sitting. And that’s cheap considering high-end pet care is much more expensive (Rs 10,000-Rs 25,000 per sitting).

So if you don’t mind the money, it’s most certainly a walk on the finer side for your pet