Friday was a very lucky day for Pedro, a 2-year-old black and white Havanese dog that had been missing for two weeks.

Although a little disheveled, many ticks and a limping hind leg the little critter greeted his family with a wagging body and kisses.

The New York City canine had accompanied its owner Jeanne Meister to Brighton Gardens, an assisted-living facility, to visit her father who is a resident there.

During the course of the visit Pedro managed to escape when the room he was in was entered.

Despite a large search committee immediately following his escape the little critter eluded its rescueres for quite sometime.

While the little dog had been seen a number of times on the Woodbridge Country Club grounds, there had been no recent sightings.

However, on Friday, when Assistant Golf Course Supervisor Jay Martin was assessing course conditions he heard the faint sounds of whimpering and yelps for help.

When he located the little guy in a remote corner of the golf course there was Pedro entrenched in some pricker bushes.

He was so entrenched, Martin said, that he had to use loppers to free the little dog.

Before freeing the animal Martin contacted Animal Control who immediately came to his assistance.

“We were starting to give up hope. It had been two weeks,” Meister said when she learned her dog had been rescued.

She and her husband Robert immediately left New York City to be reunited with their canine companion.

Barbara Camillo, Brighton Gardens community relations was also elated.

“We are very happy. We couldn’t be happier. We were very pleased to see he was found unharmed. The whole staff was elated. It picked us up,” Camillo said.

Jason Booth grounds supervisor at Woodbridge Country Club said he and his staff had been keeping their eyes open for Pedro.

In fact, at an earlier Pedro sighting, Booth headed off a fox that was chasing Pedro.

Both Martin and Booth said that the prickers had allowed them to catch the elusive canine as he was very fast and would run away whenever he was sighted.

During the past two weeks, with the publicity from The Bulletin the Meisters, Animal Control and Brighton Gardens had all received calls reporting Pedro sightings and inquiries of his status and good luck.

The Meisters had made numerous trips back to locations where Pedro had been sighted. Spending hours walking the golf course calling for the little creature.

Animal Control Officers Judy Umstead and Jamie Esser spent numerous hours the past couple of weeks looking for the little guy, leaving food and setting traps.

“This made our day, our week, ” they said smiling from ear to ear during the reunion.

“This was truly a group effort by a lot of people and we are truly grateful,” Jeanne Meister said.