A miracle dog from Missouri is making a big difference for thousands of abandoned animals in the Triad. Quentin managed to survive a trip to the gas chamber in 2003. Now he’s convincing local leaders to shut down theirs.

“There’s this dog standing on a pile of dead dogs,” says Quentin’s adopted dad Randy Grim.

“It’s illegal in at least five states that I know of to use a gas chamber and here in North Carolina it’s the primary method of euthanasia,” Grim says.

The triad is just one stop on his cross-country mission.

“Get rid of the gas chambers and switch over to lethal injection, the more humane way.”

In order to share Quentin’s story, Grim says he had to witness a gassing first hand.

“One dog went into seizures. Another was defecating and howling. It was so horrible. Two dogs were fighting. It wasn’t this peaceful, fall asleep.”

“I never have liked the gas chamber,” says Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page.

He says thousands of unwanted animals have been gassed in Rockingham County every year for more than a decade. Then the Sheriff got a visit, and a lot of information, from Grim.

“Of course he brought Quentin in here. I had Quentin in here. He had another dog named Stinky. He was in here. They were talking about how these animals have been rescued,” Page says.

Now, he says things in Rockingham County will change.

“This new contract coming up July 1, I’d like to get away from the gas chamber and when we do have to put animals down, go to the euthanasia method of lethal injection,” Page says.

Grim says Burlington officials also promised him they’d stop using gas. Across the country, he says 50 gas chambers have closed since Quentin’s story was published.