Ever have a pet that was lost? A lot of people know the feeling of what it is like to have their pet be lost, it is hurts emotionally to know that they might be hurt somewhere and you cannot help in any way, shape, or form at that moment in time.

Mickey, the Boston terrier that was lost for four years, finally arriving at home.

However, in Missouri there ws a happier ending to one of these lost pet stories. After 4 grueling years, Mickey, a Boston Terrier was reunited with his owners after they had lost him in Kansas City four years ago. The owner Cher Jarosz and her daughter Kari Mitchell probably thought that Mickey was in fact gone forever, and was never to be found again. But their luck had changed as soon as they got a call from an animal shelter almost 1,100 miles away in a city called Billings, Montana.

What essentially led to the safe return of the Boston terrier named Mickey? Apparently there was a microchip planted on Mickey which helped the Billings Animal Shelter return Mickey safely to his family after all of these lost years.

The office manager at Billing’s Animal Shelter, Kristal Ward, had this to say to CNN about the incident that ended happily after all:

“Some lady from the public walked in the back door. She found the dog running up the street. She tossed him to me, and that’s how it started. […] I called that vet clinic because they were the one that should have a record of that chip. I gave them the chip number, and the woman kind of started screaming. She goes, ‘Oh my God, is that a Boston terrier? Oh my God, it belongs to Kari Mitchell. She used to work here.”‘ (Kristal Ward to CNN).

Afterwards Kristal Ward called Kari Michtell to make confirmation that Micket was in fact her dog.

When the dog was happily returned to the family they said he looks somewhat different, probably due to aging over the four years, and he is unresponsive to his name now. Mickey’s teeth show signs of wearing, but none of that stopped the family from still loving Mickey, the now returned Boston terrier.

Kari Mitchell had this to say about the incident to KSHB-TV in Kansas city about the incident:

“We’re happy to have him home. I just hope whoever was taking care of him, I hope they were just glad he’s home.”

In the end, it was a happy ending for Mickey, and for all.