A blind man from Sebec was reunited with his Seeing Eye dog Sunday morning after accidentally leaving the animal in the Augusta Wal-Mart parking lot.

Augusta police said the dog was picked up by a delivery driver who found the 6-year-old black Labrador retriever known as Colby after finding him apparently abandoned in the shopping plaza parking lot.

Augusta police Lt. Jeffrey Pomerleau said police received a call from Ronald Clark, manager at Pine State Trading Co.

“He said one of his employees, Jacob Burton, found the dog,” Pomerleau explained. “He told his manager (Clark) who said ‘I think it’s that dog’ that had been the subject of press reports about a missing Seeing Eye dog.”

The dog’s owner, Bill Irwin, and his wife had stopped at the Augusta Wal-Mart in their motor home and left the dog outside before leaving.

Each thought the other had taken Colby in before leaving between 8:30-9 a.m. They only realized about 20 minutes later that the dog was not on board.

When they returned Colby was gone and another camper reported seeing a man take the dog away.

The couple contacted police and news outlets trying to reach whoever had taken Colby, assuming that the dog had been taken in for safe keeping since he was well marked as a Seeing Eye dog.

After hearing from Clark, Pomerleau said Augusta police contacted Irwin and helped arrange for the dog to be picked up by its owners.

“It all unfolded this morning about 7:30,” the Augusta police lieutenant said.

Irwin and his wife went to Sidney to retrieve the dog, Pomerleau said.

Irwin was grateful to the man who took Colby in, and happy to have him back.

“It was a wonderful reunion,” Irwin said Sunday. “The family that rescued him was great. They had four little kids and they had a great time with him.

“He was well taken care of even though I didn’t know it at the time,” he said. Irwin had been frantic to find his Seeing Eye dog, the Sebec resident said.