Jonathan Hartzell could not possibly have a better friend than Cojack, a Jack Russell Terrier.

The 15-year old was deep in slumber late Thursday afternoon at his home on Lakeview Place when Cojack’s bark roused him to attention. Jonathan was surprised to find himself surrounded by smoke.

The house was on fire.

Both the teenager and the dog made it to safety.

Neighbors reported hearing a loud “pop” five to 10 minutes before Cojack succeeded in waking Jonathan. The fire heavily damaged the house and may have started in the screened porch next to the backyard pool.

The house has belonged to Jonathan’s parents, Shelly and Stan Hartzell, for 16 years, and it has been for sale for several months.

Stan Hartzell, who was at the Englewood Sports Complex when the fire started, said he had done a lot of work to make the home marketable.

“I just had it all fixed up,” he said. “All the windows were just put in, and they’re gone. The roof was just put on. It’s something.”

The back of the house sustained the most damage, and the concrete blocks along the side were scorched. The roof was burned through in places.

Fire officials had no explanation for the fire Thursday night.

With their home in ruins, and some of their photographs spread out on the lawn, the family planned to spend the night in a camper parked in the driveway.