By Sylvia Lerman, DDO

I read the piece about vicious dogs being more dangerous than street hockey with a great deal of interest. I am the owner of the dog that was killed.

Regardless of the fact that I am indeed friends with the person whose dog attacked mine I absolutely tried to do the right thing in this heartbreaking situation. I have two children and for their sake alone I needed to make sure that they understood I would do the right thing irrelevant of the fact that it may cost me the friendship. I did tell my friend this and she told me to do what I had to do and completely understood.

I tried for two days to file a report with the police and public security. Public security sent me to the police, the police sent me back to public security and the fact is there is absolutely nothing on the books that allowed me to file a complaint or a report as it was an animal that was injured and not a person. I did not simply let it all slide away as was mentioned and I never put my friendship ahead of what was the right and legal thing to do.

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