Who said cats are the only ones with nine lives?

A Thorold pooch thought to have died in a roaring house fire Tuesday afternoon was eventually pulled from the ashes by firefighters and is on the mend.

The dog, an 18-month old golden doodle named Chico, was trapped inside for more than two hours as a ferocious blaze gutted a house at 39 Deerfield Pkwy.

“He put his nose under a pillow and I guess it saved his life,” homeowner Tom Dupelle said Wednesday, standing in front of what remains of the charred ruin. “He’s a miracle puppy, that’s for sure.”
The pet’s owners and firefighters didn’t hold out any hope that Chico would make it out alive as heavy winds fuelled the huge blaze.

But when firefighters were finally able to enter the building, they found the curly haired dog conscious and hunkered down behind a couch with its nose pressed to the carpet.

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