Dogs retrieve all sorts of things. Add litter to the list.

Since this coming Thursday is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day we had to mention EVIE the yellow Labrador Retriever who is the mascot for Keep Evansville Beautiful. Her mission in Evansville, Ind., according to her owner Susan Harp, is to keep people from littering and to encourage people to pick up litter. This week, Harp says she has a spreadsheet to keep track of all the “litter” visists they’re making together at schools and Scommunity events.

EVIE is one of the dogs nominated for our 2010 Pet Heroes contest. Do you know of a dog or cat who helps make a difference in the world? Send me e-mails about them. One of the most popular stories on the blog this year has been the Newfoundland who has promises to keep. I’ll ask readers to vote and I’ll write up the winners for the newspaper and online. All cats and dogs are welcome.