A very touching story!

by Barbara Hijek

In 1983, Amy Louise Annelle was abandoned, stuffed in a cereal box with her placenta in a large trash bin in Daytona Beach.

She was hours old when rescued from a garbage truck’s trash compactor by trash collectors, reports the Daytona Beach News Journal.

At the time Pat Patten-Carlen was looking for a baby girl to adopt, following the death of her daughter. Her oldest son’s class was collecting toys and donations for the baby found in the bin.

She sent a blue-and-white rattle with a baby horse on it.

When the Department of Children & Families called her to tell her the same baby she’d heard about in the news was available for adoption, she could hardly believe it.

“Amy came home when she was 4 months old,” Patten-Carlen said. “She had nothing but the clothes she was wearing” — plus a paper bag they gave her new mom. In the bag was the blue-and-white rattle with the baby horse on it.

Some things are meant to be.

When Amy was 13 years old old, she came home from school worried about a puppy left in a trash can: “She said, ‘It’s in a garbage can like me,’ ” Patten-Carlen said. “She had me when she said that about the dog.”

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