A PET dog was rescued when a blaze ripped through a family home.

And it has been claimed that the fire caused much more damage than it should have – because firefighters had no water.

Sait Tezgel, 30, returned to his home in Hillfield Avenue, Hornsey, on Monday evening to find smoke billowing from the living room.

He said: “When I got in there was black smoke in the room – I couldn’t see anything.

“I tried to cover the fire with a blanket but that made it worse and I had to throw the blanket out the window.

“It was pretty shocking. All the windows started popping; all types of stuff started happening.”

He rescued the family dog, a four-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier named Turkish, from the house which his family have lived in for some 20 years.

Neighbours had already called the fire brigade but when they arrived, Mr Tezgel claimed, the water supply failed delaying attempts to put the blaze out.

“The pump had no f***ing water in it,” he said, pointing to seared walls and charred belongings. “They could have put it out much sooner. They were screaming for water and had to connect it to another one. If they had had water most of this wouldn’t have happened.

“They should do something about that. It cost us a lot of money.

“The people were very nice – I would like to thank them – but the lack of water cost us.”

The fire is thought to have started when an electricity current caused a mobile phone in the living room to catch alight.

The next morning the family were trying desperately to find out if they had insurance to cover the incident.

Hornsey fire brigade reported it sent four fire engines to the blaze just before 7pm and that it was out by 9.15pm with 50 per cent damage to the building’s first floor floor.