A dramatic rescue of a four-legged friend ends successfully Wednesday morning. A dog was stuck on the edge of a cliff in southern Pulaski County.

Workers at a nearby welding company heard it barking and risked their lives to try to rescue her.

Two people, a welder and an animal rescue assistant, clung to the side of a steep cliff for what seemed like forever while trying to rescue a stranded dog.

Workers from the welding shop, TJC Welding on Lawson Road, heard her barking around 7:00 Wednesday morning and called the Humane Society to help.

Kay Jordan with the Humane Society says, “I thought, how in the world are we gonna get that dog down when we first got here. We all climbed up to the top. I came back down half way and came across but I literally had to crawl because the rocks kept giving way.”

Before the Humane Society could show up, welder and former Marine Chris Reyna found a climbing harness in his truck and took quick action.

Reyna says, “We tied ourselves off at a higher ledge and lowered ourselves down to where the dog was.”

But worried about loose rock, they just couldn’t get to her. That’s when the Little Rock Fire Department was called in to help.

Capt. Todd Coney with the Little Rock Fire Department says, “We got a call about a dog trapped on the cliff 50-70 feet up. Our truck caption put a ladder up there, there was some help from up above from the Humane Society and they were able to lasso the dog, put a rope around him and pull him up from the top.”

Jordan says, “Looked like the dog maybe in the storm last night either lost its bearings, or lightning; I don’t know but it was stuck in briers and honeysuckles and vines and everything you can think of and could not, it was wedged. It couldn’t get loose.”

But she was finally brought to safety in the arms of one willing to risk his life for her.

Jordan says she doesn’t know who owns the dog. She brought it to the shelter where it quickly ate two bowls of food, and let Jordan pick a tick off its eye-lid.

The welder who tried to rescue her visited her on his lunch break.