A Monday morning call to SFPD regarding, in the words of the Taraval Station newsletter, “a man with a gun making threats” led to the discovery of a disturbing story of animal cruelty, allegedly at the hands of a man said to be fostering a puppy for a local rescue agency.

Three officers were called to an apartment building on the 100 block of Kenwood at 3:30 Monday morning, where they were told by a resident of the building that their neighbors’ dog “had been crying as if in pain throughout the night.” She told the officers that she’d tried talking to the man they believed was the dog’s guardian, a 28-year-old man named Jong Soo Kim, who allegedly told her that “he had a gun and would use it.”

The officers were let into the apartment by Kim’s roommate, and discovered that Kim had written on his doorway “Leave me alone. P.S. I have a gun for self defense and I am insane.” The officers were able to safely talk Kim out of his room and detain him, seizing the man’s Ruger 45.