A quick-acting 14-year-old boy most likely saved a dog’s life and kept a house from being devoured in flames Friday.

Michael Statler was playing basketball with a friend in the driveway of his grandmother’s residence in the 2000 block of Dresden Avenue when he noticed flames in the living room window of a house across the street.

Michael told his grandmother, Pam Kittle, to call 911 and darted toward the house.Firefighters, who were dispatched at 9:45 a.m., arrived within minutes of the call and immediately went into search-and-rescue mode and recovered and revived a dog, a rat terrier named Bean.

“He was just inside the front door,” Fire District Chief Marty Vuttera said. “The paramedics gave him oxygen and rubbed him up a little bit. By the time the home­owner got there, he was in good shape.”

Mark Klemm was grateful. “They said he was almost gone with smoke inhalation,” he said. “I’m just glad he’s OK.”

Vuttera said an overloaded electrical outlet sparked the fire.