From her home, a woman watched a tragic situation unfold before her eyes, but then she saved an animal’s life.

Daniel Dexter Darling Jr., an ex-con, is facing charges of animal cruelty, police said.

Darling’s neighbor, Kelly Ann Vanvoorde, said she saw, Floosie, a 1-year-old Jack Russel Terrier, in a cage on Darling’s balcony on Saturday. Vanvoorde said she saw Darling throw the cage off the balcony and then into a creek behind her residence.

Vanvoorde said he appeared intoxicated at the time and actually fell into the creek with the cage.

Vanvoorde’s boyfriend retrieved the cage and dog from the creek, she said.

“He was shaken and scared and was whining a little bit,” Vanvoorde said after Floosie was retrieved from the water.

“(Darling) came over and asked for the dog back, but we told him he could have it back after we talk to the cops,” Vanvoorde said

Police said Darling is facing one count of felony animal cruelty.

Police said Darling told them he was at a Detroit strip club during the time of the alleged incident.

“We’re going to fight to get the dog into our custody,” Lyle Herman of St. Clair Animal Control said.

Darling is expected in court next month, and could face up to four years in prison if convicted.