Rosie, Sampson and Max are important members of the Chicagoland Christian Village staff in Crown Point.

They provide extremely popular therapy at the village for seniors, often persuading residents to come to physical therapy when other staff members fail to provide incentives.

Rosie, Sampson and Max also have four legs instead of the two that other therapists at the facility have.

“They definitely make our job easier,” Chicagoland therapy technician Therese Adkins said of the dogs used in sessions at the village.

Many residents slated for physical therapy often ask if Rosie is going to be there, Adkins said.

Pet therapy at Chicagoland evolved from efforts to improve patient morale. Employees also bring their own pets to work, administrator Beth Ingram said. Delilah, a small brown Dachshund who sleeps in a box behind the nurses station, lives at the center.

Rosie, a pug mix, brightens the day of residents in the physical therapy room while feline members of the staff occupy the Chicagoland’s Alzheimer’s ward.

Social worker Erin Miller, Rosie’s owner, said pets represent a taste of home to the residents.