A dog named RC used his ample body and his straw bed to protect a two-year-old boy when the child showed up from a neighbor’s house in freezing weather.

Terry Bard, the dog’s owner, said, “The baby got up and all the straw fell off his head. He was laying on top of the baby.”

The mother of two-year-old Vincent Rhodey said she was sleeping when he left their house around 8:15 a.m. Wednesday.

Angela Harps, the child’s mother, said, “He’s two years old he knows how to open a door. I feel bad about it.”

It’s believed little Vincent left his house through an open door and went over to Terry Bard’s property. He then made his way to the dog’s pen.

RC, a Husky German Shepherd mix, didn’t surprise his owner by curling up with the boy who wore only a T-shirt.

“The dog is definitely a hero. That’s my buddy. He’s been treated like a hero for the past two days,” said Rc’s owner.

Canonsburg police said they will file a charge of child endangerment against the boy’s mother.

The child’s mother said, “I feel really guilty, I regret all of it. I didn’t mean for it to happen. It’s my mistake.”

After a hospital evaluation, her son was found to be ok.