They lived under abandoned houses and a ditch,” Lake said of Sweetpea/Hemingway; mate Cybill; and the pups. She knows of two litters within the past year. Roscoe is the survivor who is adapting well to human interaction and looking for a forever home.

Michelle James is another hospital employee who has made sure these dogs had food. She’s been referred to as the “founding mother” of the downtown rescuers.

Lisa Carroll, Cara Smith and Emily Strope got acquainted because of Fred. They are part of the DDG core with Danielle Hardee.

Carroll first saw Fred during summertime at the park next to The Painted Lady. “I began feeding him and tried to win his trust, but he would only eat and run. This continued into the fall and then into the cold winter months,” she wrote. “As I drove up for work in the morning, I would see him coming from the shrubs in the park.”

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