By Meggie Lu
Thursday, Apr 23, 2009

Twenty purebred dogs, all with their vocal cords cut, were found abandoned on the southern bank of the Bajhang River (八掌溪) on the border of Tainan and Chiayi counties on Monday, the Tainan County Animal Disease Control Center said yesterday.

It marked the worst case of dog abandonment in recent years, the center said.

Three of the dogs were dead when Chiayi Wild Birds Association chair Chen Chian-hua (陳建樺) found them on a routine observation tour along the river bank.

But since news of the discovery was featured in the media, 14 of the surviving dogs have been adopted.

“I was at the end of my observation trip when I saw a group of stray dogs in the middle of an abandoned rice farm. They were clearly previously domesticated animals, because they gathered quickly and orderly as soon as I approached and summoned them,” Chen said.

Among the 20 were a Welsh Corgi, a Dachshund, a Spitz, while the rest were Shiba Inus of various colors, Chen said, adding that most of the dogs had skin diseases “possibly from living in cramped cages in a breeding farm.”

Chen said he suspected that the three dead dogs were crushed to death by the others when they were placed in cramped cages, “possibly when they were being transported from the farm to the river bank.”