Be-Lona is starting to get used to standing on her own two feet — the only bad thing is, she’s used to four.

The 11-year-old sheep dog has had some medical problems recently and because of those problems she lost the use of her two hind legs. Although the dog is small for a sheep dog, between 60 and 70 pounds, her owner found he did not like having to carry the paraplegic pooch everywhere. He decided to do something about it.

To remedy the problem, Be-Lona’s owner Louis Nichols decided to build his dog a walker.

“She has arthritis in her hips and calcium growing in her vertebrate so she lost control of her hind quarters. I have had her about nine years and she started to have problems about a month and a half ago,” he said. “When it got to the point that we had to carry her around to do anything, we had to do something.”

To build the walker, Nichols said it cost about $40 and took about a day to build. The materials included a couple used walkers, wheels and then Nichols started sawing. Although Tuesday was her second day with her new wheels, Nichols said his dog is taking to the walker just fine.

“She took to it pretty good. We just use it when she is outside and we help her around in the house. Her and it take too much space up,” Nichols said. “Once we got her outside, she took off like a streak. It did not take her long to figure it out.”