The Telegraph in U.K. posted this astonishing article about this deaf puppy:
this dog was left at a shelter because his owners could not cope with a deaf animal.
Soon after he arrived at the shelter, the Dogs Trust Salisbury, they began to teach him sign language.

Three weeks later, this fantastic student had learned to sit, stop, lie down, roll over, come back and walk on. Her trainer, Leslie Carley, described Snowy, our puppy here, as “the brightest spark” among the animals at the center.
Her trainer is expecting to have the puppy learn several more commands in the coming weeks which will give her a full vocabulary of dog terms.
A few of Snowy sign languages:

Snowy’s sign language:

Sit – move hand from side and bring it up towards chin

Good girl – thumbs up and smile

Stop – Extend arm forwards and show palm of hand

Down – Point to the floor then flatten hand and move downwards parallel to the ground

Walk – rotate fists

Greet – hold out hand palm facing up

Naughty – point finger at dog

Food – move fingers to mouth and pout

Relax and be quiet – put index finger to lips

Go to the loo – walk fingers towards the garden