While many might think the Macon County Sheriff’s Office’s bloodhound Abby is hard at work while tracking down a fugitive or lost person, she’s really just having fun. All that sweet dog want is a treat!
For her, it is just a game.

Bloodhounds are nothing new to the sheriff’s office. It started in the late 90s during a search for a man, the man who set bombs at an abortion clinic anda Park in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics.

The Sheriff, Robert Holland, said bloodhounds were being employed by the various search teams, and that then Sheriff Homer Holbrooks managed for the sheriff’s office to receive a bloodhound and Holland to be the handler.

Bloodhounds are genetically blessed with a very more sensitive nose than the rest of the other canines. Human beings constantly drop dead skin cells on the ground as they walk, leaving a trail that dogs can follow.

The advantages bloodhounds have is that they have large noses that are much more sensitive and floppy ears that help the animals funnel the scent and help the dogs hone in on a particular scent. Then of course, there’s hundreds of years worth of tracking instinct bred into their persona.

When Abby is called for a mission, they get her up with a special harness that ise attached to a very long leash . She is then brought in to the area and introduced to the scent of whatever person she is looking for.
Once she has the scent, Abby starts working the area, often times eliminating errant tracks or stray scents before she gets into full tracking mode.

She enables to conduct searches : she is a real asset!