Moet, a very special dog, was left without being able to move after an accident deprived him from the usage of his back legs due to a back injury.Now the dog’s rehabilitation is on a roll, no punt intended:
with the help of a specially made American two-wheeled harness, the little dog can again enjoy the simple pleasure of a walk in the neighborhood.

The owners of the Maltese-Tshi-Tzu cross dog, Ben and Janet Raphael, have hailed the harness as a “life saver” after their dog slipped a disc on Christmas Day the year before and the injury left its back legs paralyzed.

They took the dog to their vet and were told she might never be able to walk again. The poor dog could not do anything for months!

But three months after the injury, the couple followed advice from a specialist veterinary and imported a $500 harness, hooking up Moet to the two-wheeled trap.

Thanks to the contraption, the dog is now able to enjoy life to its fullest, runs and go for walks with her masters like before the accident.