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November, 2011

By Jack Fichter A successful cat trap, neuter and release (TNR) program will continue in the borough. At a Tue., Nov. 22 meeting, Borough Council amended an ordinance to continue the program that was scheduled to expire Dec. 31. The ordinance also prohibits the “feeding of wildlife and strays.” Volunteer Sue Keene, who has overseen […]

By JEFF BARNARD GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — A young wolf from Oregon has become a media celebrity while looking for love, tracing a zigzag path that has carried him hundreds of miles nearly to California, while his alpha male sire and a sibling that stayed home near the Idaho border are under a death […]

Thank you by =Quadraro on deviantART

Written by Marylin Kraker of Michigan (USA) It was late when we returned to our rural home after a Whitecaps baseball game, and we heard a very loud bleating, like a goat. We found a fawn with its leg twisted in the wire fence across the road. It was one of the twins I had […]

-A southwest Ohio couple that adopted a Saint Bernard to save the dog say their new pet saved their home from burglary a few hours later. Rubert “Lee” Littler says he was taking Hercules outside Wednesday night when the 135-pound dog started growling. Then Hercules charged after a man who was running out of the […]

Police are hoping six german shepherd puppies could become new Gages. After police officers Bruce Lamb and Constable Mitchel Alatalo were shot and Lamb’s dog Gage killed, The Press launched an appeal to help fund new police dogs in July last year. The appeal raised more than $17,319, with most of the money used to […]

By Sandhya Gorthi If you are expecting a new baby in the family and you are unsure of how your cat will react to the new member, here are a few tips for that purr-fect bond. Try and see the impending arrival of your baby from your cat’s point of view. This will help minimise […]

By GARY WEITZMAN Hamlin was a dog nobody wanted. One of a litter of four unplanned and unexpected puppies, he was born in a backyard in West Virginia to a mother of no specific breed. We decided he’s a “mixed hound,” but that’s really anybody’s guess. His owner placed a free-to-good-home ad on Craigslist and, […]




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