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January, 2011

Credit: mikebaird

By Jim Durkin STAFF at Dorset’s Monkey World ape rescue centre have welcomed their latest arrival, a chimpanzee saved from nine years of solitary confinement in the Lebanon. Kiki, a female chimpanzee, was smuggled into the Lebanon and sold by African hunters after they brutally killed her family. She was to spend almost a decade […]

Credit: علي الحسين A marvelous picture!

By ARA (ARA) – Winter weather can cause challenges for humans, but pet experts say we also need to think about what winter means for our pets, especially those that spend a lot of time outdoors. “The rule of thumb is simple,” says Dr. Stephen A. Brammeier of the Kingsbury Animal Hospital in St. Louis. […]

Written by Michelle Sherrow Posted by PETA After 18 months of protests, thousands of calls and e-mails, and appearances outside Brookstone stores by our giant “frog,” Brookstone has finally decided to pull a cruel product called the “Frog-O-Sphere” from its shelves! PETA started campaigning against the tiny plastic frog prisons after receiving complaints from Brookstone […]

Credit: phamp197x You willlllllllll give meeeeeeeeeee carrrrrrrrrrrots! You willllllll not remember this and you will wake up when I will be finished counting…..10, 9,8,7, 6,5,4,3,2,1, WAKE UP! HEY HI! NICE TO MEET YOU:)

By Ashok Selvam The tale of the puppy taken last week from a Hoffman Estates pet store appears to have ended with a happy, wagging tail. Thanks to two anonymous tips, Hoffman Estates police made two arrests Monday night and recovered Max from a home in Niles. Hoffman Estates police Sgt. Greg Poulos said police […]

Animal Cruelty Complaints Led Investigators To Home By Taylor Dolven BENT COUNTY, Colo. — More than 40 small dogs were removed from a Bent County home Wednesday night in response to animal cruelty complaints. “These dogs were living in unsanitary conditions with inadequate shelter,” said Duane Adams, associate director for the Colorado Humane Society & […]

Credit: topendsteve I KNOW, I AM CUTE!

His life was saved by veterinarians at the Humane Society of Indianapolis after he was found shot and hit by a car. Now, “Big Bob” the Russian blue cat is getting a new home. By News Staff Indianapolis — His life was saved by veterinarians at the Humane Society of Indianapolis after he was found […]

BY KAREN PEARLMAN LA MESA — Oreo is proving to be one tough cookie. The 8-year-old terrier-beagle mix has been at the Pet Emergency & Specialty Center in La Mesa since Friday after being poisoned with a strychnine-laced ball of meat. The dog, who belongs to La Mesa residents Irwin and Jeannene Smith, has been […]

Photo taken by Seismic_200

By Sheila Stroup When Heidi Revere went to work for a Madisonville veterinarian in the fall of 2009, her mother issued a warning. “I told Heidi, ‘You’re going to come across a lot of situations when you’re going to want to bring an animal home, but no animals are coming home,’” Angela Revere said. Heidi’s […]

By Chris Stevens SAUGUS – Ellis Street resident Kevin Casilli has taken a lot of pictures of wildlife around his home, but he’s never photographed anything like the American Bald Eagle he saw in his backyard. “I’ve taken some unbelievable pictures of deer,” he said. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen the eagle.” […]

Credit: .enlightenment. There is just something about this lil guy that attracts the eye:)

Cross-eyed opossum draws Facebook following long before her debut at German zoo She’s middle-aged and gray-haired and stays up all night. Still, Heidi the cross-eyed opossum is Germany’s biggest star, and she has not even made her debut at the Leipzig Zoo. The 21/2-year-old opossum has a Facebook following of more than 111,000 fans, has […]




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