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August, 2010

Stories of survival for a horse, a dog and a cute cat Have you ever wondered what happened to a certain animal whose story of triumph or tragedy you read in The Province? To satisfy your curiosity, we caught up with three famous fur-bearers: a prancer, a pooch and a pussycat. SUNDANCE Snowmobilers were stunned […]

Credit: MikQuattro They are absolutely darling!. Who can resist their adorable face!!! They are highly “huggable”:)

BY MARK D. SOMERSON Birders ecstatic to learn Mississippi kite is breeding in Ohio For three years, birders have searched Hocking County trees for proof that a southern bird has made its home in Ohio. This month, they discovered its nest in a white ash tree in Hideaway Hills. The Mississippi kite has moved to […]

by Jaymi Heimbuch In the Ubud region of Bali, Indonesia comes a companionship straight out of children’s books. Photographer Anne Young was vacationing at the Monkey Forest Park when she spotted a young male long-tailed macaque monkey that had adopted a ginger kitten, protectively caring for and grooming it while keeping other monkeys away. The […]

Credit: Cuba Gallery Nothing like a window sill to chill out on a nice Summer day!

By Charles Roberts A few days ago, Marybeth Nicola, manager of Victoria Village Apartments in Highland, noticed a small mother dog just over the fence from her apartment complex in the back parking lot of Food 4 Less. She found that the dog was nursing small puppies and then found that she was also nursing […]

Original link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3tF_qzKG8c

Opinion by PETA By Karin Bennett Live and let (die) live: So goes Sir Paul McCartney’s new hit … against NASA’s pricey plan to bankroll the zapping of dozens of squirrel monkeys in cruel radiation experiments. While his animal rights efforts are legendary, many people may not know that Paul also has a ton of […]




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