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May, 2010

By staff writers From: NewsCore A BRITISH theme park worker dramatically saved the life of a baby reindeer by giving it the kiss of life. Maintenance engineer Chris Walker was fixing a rollercoaster when Holly, a two-year-old Scandinavian reindeer, went into labour in the park’s animal enclosure, the Grantham Journal reported today. And with the […]

Credit: S@ilor Here, kitty, kitty!

by Michael Winter Commuting is tough enough, but drivers in northern Greece faced a two-hour wait today because of “millions” of tiny frogs covering a major highway, Greek authorties report. “There was a carpet of frogs,” said Thessaloniki traffic police chief Giorgos Thanoglou, AP reports. Full story and photo here

Credit: Ruud Hein Noisette, the cutest Darf Rex in town!

By: Lorrie Shaw Lorrie is a very interesting pet blogger! Here is one of her entries: “On Monday, I started service for two clients of mine, who I’ve had for a couple of years now. Their Mama went out of town for a few days and I am fortunate enough to care for two sweet […]

Original photo here by floridapfe

By Kaitlin Urka Lambrini Lukidis KENTWOOD, Mich. (WZZM) – Five week old Maddie is adjusting well to her new home. Maddie, a puppy, was given to the Abel and Denise Soto by a WZZM 13 viewer. “I can see she’s going to be a good dog already, and we already love her to pieces,” said […]

Turns out, he’s a baby fox By The Ogden Reporter 2010 Sammi Blair, 7, of Ogden, approached her grandma and said, “Nanna, there’s a dog in our garage.” “I went out and saw what looked like a puppy,” her grandma Barb Clay said, “but when I picked it up I realized right away it was […]

By Bonne VeVea Kirkland, WA In February 1997, Nikko came to MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland WA as a 10-month old stray with a long black coat, a slightly flattened face, expressive golden eyes and a flirtatious chirp. He was adopted almost immediately by a retired gentleman named Jack. They left the shelter together, chatting […]

Anderson Firefighters Rescue 3 Baby Owls by Mandy Gaither ANDERSON, S.C. — Three orphaned owls now have a new home, thanks to Anderson firefighters, neighbors and a wildlife expert, who helped to save them. The barred owls are believed to be between 4 and 6 weeks old. Full story here

by Jade Wright, Crosby Herald THIS time of year is tough if you’re a baby bird, relying on others for food and shelter, with predators at every turn waiting for their chance to pounce. Domestic cats kill millions of birds a year, but our feline friends and wild birds can live harmoniously in our gardens […]

By ERIN MATHEWS Salina Journal A Marquette teen is accused of punching a 9-year-old boy in the face and stealing his German shepherd puppy Tuesday. The boy’s mom said it might be a new low for Salina. “I was born and raised here, and I have never in my life read in the Salina Journal […]


Credit: pinkyia™ When you are born cute, it is hard not to be anything else but absolutely adorable for the rest of your life:)

By Dionna Harris ESCANABA – This is National Pet week and the U.S. Post Office has issued a commemorative stamp encouraging the adoption of pets from animal shelters. In its continuing efforts to raise awareness of social issues one stamp at a time, the U.S. Post Office in Escanaba Wednesday held a special event dealing […]

Credit: ntisocl French Boston terrier: aren’t we the most precious lil thing ever!

FORT JACKSON, LA. A second bird has been found in the Gulf of Mexico oil slick and is recovering at a bird rescue center in Louisiana, a wildlife official said Tuesday. A brown pelican was being cared for along with a northern gannet found four days ago, National Wildlife Federation president and CEO Larry Schweiger […]

by Jacqui Goddard He has not been given a name, just a green tag that denotes him as Number One. Though he resides alone for now, there are thousands more green tags ready and waiting for those who will surely come to join him. Bewildered, hungry and still a little sticky, the first bird plucked […]

Credit: indianponygal Awwwwwwwwww:)

Sharjah Cat and Dog Shelter aims to create a haven for abandoned and homeless cats and dogs in Sharjah. By Emmanuelle Landais Sharjah: The alarming numbers of stray animals is a big problem in the UAE. Before the hot summer months kick in, animal shelters brace themselves for the exodus of expatriates heading home for […]




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