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April, 2010

by The Ogden Reporter Turns out, he’s a baby fox Sammi Blair, 7, of Ogden, approached her grandma and said, “Nanna, there’s a dog in our garage.” “I went out and saw what looked like a puppy,” her grandma Barb Clay said, “but when I picked it up I realized right away it was not […]

Most dog owners would do anything to save their beloved pooch from harm. What we often don’t realize is that our canines would do the same for us, too. That’s just what happened when Ben Heinrichs, who lives with his mom and dad in a desolate and wooded area in Alaska, unintentionally set off a […]

Credit: BunnyStudios When will she be home you think?

By DENNIS JENSEN Rutland Forrest Hammond, a biologist with the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, came upon a strange scene after he was contacted by Ascutney Fire Department Chief Darrin Spaulding early Sunday afternoon. What Hammond found was a black bear with his head stuck inside an old steel milk can, about 100 yards off […]

Dogs retrieve all sorts of things. Add litter to the list. Since this coming Thursday is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day we had to mention EVIE the yellow Labrador Retriever who is the mascot for Keep Evansville Beautiful. Her mission in Evansville, Ind., according to her owner Susan Harp, is to keep people from […]

Credit: toocraze The gentle big family dog!

All dogs go to heaven and apparently, some cats go to Chicago. A tabby cat from Albuquerque, New Mexico has journeyed over 1,300 miles and ended up in Chicago without his owner. The cat, named Charles, went missing in New Mexico eight months ago while his owner, New Mexico resident Robin Alex, was away volunteering […]

“Been” the dog survived three gunshots to the head and is now the loving caretaker of four motherless kittens, even bathing them and putting them to bed. The New Zealand pig-hunting dog was found at least two days after being shot in the the head and left for dead. He was 10 kilograms, or 22 […]

Credit: r2-detoo Hehehehe:) Look at Merlin’s face. You think he disapproves?:) I am in love with his big tender footsies:)

By LaMoine Roth As the time draws closer to moving the cat sanctuary to the new Adopt-A-Pet building, I have spent many hours reflecting on these past 12 years. I have thought of the total commitment that it takes to do this, the genuine love for animals, knowing that you are not “saving” the world […]

Credit: Mr Dã Tràng Look at that pretty face, and those tiny paws, and those ears! OMG! He is so cute!!! Don’t forget to follow the link to the original to check more splendid picture by the author.

Posted by Rich Miller WASHINGTON, D.C. (WFIE) – The U.S. Postal Service has produced a new series of stamps called Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet as well as a Stamps to the Rescue promotional campaign aimed at encouraging the adoption of homeless pets. “These stamps continue a Postal Service tradition of bringing attention to […]

Credit: mmv824 Always good to know an adult is watching over you…

BY SUSAN LaHOUD Norfolk rescuers free feline whose head became trapped in storm grate NORFOLK – As one cat learned this morning, even felines have days that can grate on you. Luckily, members of the Norfolk Fire Department were able to remove the source of that irritation – a storm grate – which eventually led […]

Union Minister for Environment & Forests Jairam Ramesh today launched a new monitoring system that is expected to improve the effectiveness of all surveillance and anti-poaching interventions in Project Tiger Reserve areas. According to an official press release, the tool has been developed to strengthen the interventions by field directors in order control poaching and […]

Credit: riosmom03 I just found this picture..A flying dog..lolol Great, great shot!!

Credit: Ruud Hein I do not approve! Bow before me!

Credit: The Wind Master He might be a stray cat but he is royalty!

by John Goddard Staff Reporter Lilly Agar could not ignore the posting. “Franca … has become depressed at the shelter,” read the capsule description of a cat needing a home before Monday, when the Toronto Humane Society will close for renovation. Years ago, when Agar noticed a neighbour’s dog slowly starving, she would volunteer to […]

Credit: Muggins’ Lover Can we go walk now, hu? hu?:)

A very touching story! by Barbara Hijek In 1983, Amy Louise Annelle was abandoned, stuffed in a cereal box with her placenta in a large trash bin in Daytona Beach. She was hours old when rescued from a garbage truck’s trash compactor by trash collectors, reports the Daytona Beach News Journal. At the time Pat […]

Credit: www.Flameless-Candle-Holders.com This cat has entered a photo contest too, fell free to vote for him if you wish. But this is not the reason I post this picture; I just adore the colours in its fur, the nice almond shaped eyes, their colour! He is simply a beauty!!!

Baby elephant Russelchen seemed to be getting on with the tusk at hand – enjoying his first day with his family at the Hagenbecks Zoo in Hamburg! Four-day-old Russelchen – which means ‘little trunk’ in German – had great fun exploring the elephant house, and is set to be a massive hit with the public. […]

Rudi Originally uploaded by Sil & Hasenbande This bunny cracks me up;) He plays so nicely!

Hotels, parks, bakeries and more cater to canine clientele By Kim Hogstrom A remarkable trend is developing across America and Houston is on top of the wave. We’ve become a country of pet lovers. Yes, yes, we know — most people like animals, but it’s gone well beyond that. Statistics report that the number of […]

Credit: tatananas Cute as can be:) Mignon tout plein!

By Joy Slagowski When he is perched atop an old Indian pony all of Timmy Stangler’s troubles seem to disappear. Timmy, a 3-year-old from Peoria, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia last fall, and his weekly chemotherapy treatments take a lot out of his little body. Riding Tyrone pony has become his reward for undergoing […]

Fin’s and Rudi’s first direct encounter Originally uploaded by Sil & Hasenbande Bunnies bonding: a success:)




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