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March, 2010

Credit: loppislover Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww:) What ore can be said!:)

Credit: Steve aka Crispin Swan ABSOLUTELY STUNNING BEAUTIES!

By ROBB FREDERICK WESTFIELD, N.Y. — A scared dog spent the night on an ice floe before New York sheriff’s deputies scooped it into a rescue helicopter and carried it to shore Tuesday The dog, a shepherd mix named Koozie, was being treated at the Village Veterinary Clinic in Westfield, according to the staff there. […]

Rocky is 100 percent lab. When we got him he was 6 years old and we were his 3rd family. He was way over weight, and had an infection in his paw that took 3 surgerys to fix. I am not sure what his first owner was like but I know the secound one did […]

Credit: orenhak What a nice cat! Nature is impressive in her display of life, colours, shades, and forms!

Hurt dog wanders into emergency room; gets treated and sent home The dog’s family has been found FARMINGTON — An unlikely patient walked into the emergency room at San Juan Regional Medical Center on Saturday night. Hospital staff and patients were surprised when the automatic doors opened and a dog with blood on its nose […]

At some point in evolutionary history dogs diverged from wolves thanks to domestication by humans. But just where did dogs first become man’s best friend? Robert Wayne and his team have many years invested in answering the question, and their newest findings, published this week in Nature, suggest that the answer is the Middle East. […]

Credit: Amanda.Virus Clover, everything is good about it seems to think Emma Bunny:)

Sussex charity launches “Feline Oscars” – enter your magnificent moggie today! The hunt is on to find the UK’s top cat as Cats Protection, which is based near Haywards Heath, launches its prestigious Rescue Cat Awards – and organisers are on the prowl for entrants. Dubbed the ‘Feline Oscars’ the awards are designed to celebrate […]

The Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls has a new litter of Amur tiger cubs. Zoo President and CEO Elizabeth Whealy says the three cubs born March 8 are important to the survival of the Amur tiger population. There are fewer than 400 of the tigers in the wild. The Great Plains Zoo has nine […]

Credit: Higher Standards Nice photo of a very cute Standard Poodle!

Credit: Alaskan Dude In my mind, the most beautiful dogs in the world! And this race is the most extremely hard one I know of!!!

By: WDAY Staff Reports hief River Falls, Minn. (WDAY TV) – A cat in Thief River Falls is making an amazing recovery. A family found a stray cat they have been caring for at their door with an arrow through its body. On Saturday the Engen family brought the cat to the Pennington county human […]

Credit: Linden Tea – So, I like it too!:)

Thursday, March 11, 2010 DURHAM — The public is invited to the Equine Protection of North America’s third “Party of Gold” fundraising event on Thursday, March 25 from 6 pm to 8 pm at 580 Bay Road in Durham. The goal is to raise money to use in caring for the rescue group’s horses through […]

Credit: Robobobobo

Credit: mmv824 You are so purrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!!!

“Only for true dog-lovers, not breed-conscious people”, says Aparna Bhatt, when she looks for a home for her rescues. Aparna and her husband founded KARMA (Kulture for Animal Rehabilitation & Mass Awareness), a grassroots organisation that fosters homeless Indian puppies until a family adopts them. Her way of working is a stark contrast to that […]

By Jeremiah Stettler Hundreds of cats owe their lives to dogs in Salt Lake County, where an innovative adoption program is giving those furballs a better chance than ever at finding homes. The county saved the lives of an unprecedented 1,600 cats last year, more than double the nearly 800 that typically avoid euthanasia. And […]

Credit: Camel the only one. What a beauty of a bird!!!


Credit: brokenbiscuits2004 “Nofin like tasting friends before playing with them”?

Credit: savvypoppett – Do you have a good reason to disturb me while I was enjoying doing nothing? – I am a pawpawrazzo, can’t help taking picture of extreme cuteness;) – Even so, I disapprove….

A Monday morning call to SFPD regarding, in the words of the Taraval Station newsletter, “a man with a gun making threats” led to the discovery of a disturbing story of animal cruelty, allegedly at the hands of a man said to be fostering a puppy for a local rescue agency. Three officers were called […]

Credit: blondeclick Royalty is Royalty:) What can we say: he is a perfect Royal Poodle!

BY MARIA FUGATE A dog-loving Virginia family got an unexpectedly happy if somewhat perplexing ending to their missing-hound mystery last month, thanks to a microchip. Two weeks before Christmas, Deacon, an 85-pound German shepherd, went missing from the home he shared with the Holt family in rural Stuart, Va. For the first couple of days, […]

Credit: r2-detoo Yes, come here and you will have all the hugs and treats you want lovely bunny!

By Sue Paz The Whittle family from Bournemouth emigrated from Dorset to India in 1997, to set up a tiger sanctuary. Geoff Whittle, his wife Cherrie, and sons, Olly and Jamie, had fallen on hard times. During the recession, their business was experiencing a “trough”, and their property was in negative equity. They decided to […]

BY CRISTINA GUARINO Residents of Queens do not have to look far to find wildlife. With the many parks, beaches, and other recreational areas overseen by the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, there is a wide variety of species in the borough. Queens beaches provide a nesting ground for a near-endangered species […]

Credit: extensiblecow ..is my FOOD?:) MOOOOOOM! Food!:)

by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS SARASOTA, Fla. — Marine researchers untangled a young dolphin from a web of plastic, and now the animal is swimming freely in Sarasota Bay. A team of scientists from Mote Marine Laboratory’s Dolphin Research Program captured the calf on Monday. The plastic was wound around the baby’s body between her blow […]

Credit: Tony Tanoury Life is beautiful, in all its forms!

By LIAM MILLLER A giant farm dog and a tiny piglet cuddle up as if they were family after the baby runt was dismissed by its own mother. Surrogate mum Katjinga, an eight-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, took on motherly duties for grunter Paulinchen – a tiny pot-bellied pig – and seems to be taking the adoption […]

Credit: AleFletcher Kiss, kiss:) You are so cute Fletcher!!!

Credit: Hi, I’m Sadie Shih Tzu Is this daddy coming back home?




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