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February, 2010

BY: Hayley Thomas When it comes to top dogs, Paso Robles has one of the best Beagles in the nation. Paso Robles resident Elise Smith is the proud owner of that pooch, who ranked as the American Kennel Club’s number one agility Beagle in the country for the 2009 calendar year. Smith, who won the […]

Credit: Zulpha RARE BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!

The first baby elephant born at the Melbourne Zoo is named ‘Mali’, after more than 30,000 suggestions were submitted in a naming contest. Mali is the Thai word for jasmineZoo keepers say Mali is the first baby elephant to be born in the zoo’s 148-year history,Zoo officials say thousands have been by to visit Mali […]

Credit: Canonshot Mole OMG!!! They are so adorable!!!

By Christy Krueger Once a year, volunteers of the non-profit Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary invite the public to kick up their heels and join them for a rippin’ good time at its “A Very Special Horse Event” fundraiser. Previously held on Tucson’s far Southeast side, the event moved in 2009 to Brandi Fenton Memorial […]

By Glen Werling Bluffton Fire Department ice rescue personnel were dispatched to the Dave Fillers residence on 350N this morning after a horse became stuck in a pond. Firefighters were dispatched at 7:49 a.m. to 2765W-350N after receiving a report of the horse being in the pond. They requested the assistance of Liberty Center Fire […]

PORT ARTHUR — 3 rescued little pups are recovering after being thrown over a seawall and on to some rocks, in Port Arthur. Firefighters rescued the crying pups and placed the babies with animal control. KFDM-TV reports the man who tossed the animals on last Sunday was heard saying he was “turning them into soldiers.” […]

by Leo Kretzner Just what do we think makes us so smart?? Well, lots of things. We have big, convoluted brains with many specialized nerve cell types; we have language and can understand symbols; we spend many years growing up within large, extended family and social networks; and, perhaps most importantly, we have a sense […]

Credit: LuLu Witch Sit-ups: iz doin it:)

Credit: poodleit I am a Royal poodle with style:)

Colorado Statutes, Title 18, Article 9, Part 2 Colorado Revised Statute 18-9-202 Animal cruelty is defined as: “Knowingly, recklessly or with criminal negligence overdrives, overloads, overworks, torments, deprives of necessary sustenance, unnecessarily or cruelly beats, allows to be housed in a manner that results in chronic or repeated serious physical harm, carries or confines in […]

By Katie Leslie The Atlanta Journal-Constitution February is National Pet Dental Health Month, a time to reflect on the wonders of puppy breath and the woes of big dog halitosis. But “dog breath” is just part of being a dog, right? Not so, says Dr. Brett Beckman, a veterinary dentist specialist in Sandy Springs. “It’s […]

Credit: hehaden (away for a few days) Lulu est une chatte magnifique!!!

Credit: dora_marie Don’t give animals as presents for Easter. They are no toys. Give chocolate, in the shape of the animal you adore;)

Credit: Michael Andrassi Blue eyes, splendid bird!

By Julie Crothers The shrill barking of nine Labrador retriever puppies Thursday gave way to blissful laughter from their new trainers: 18 inmates at the Plainfield Correctional Facility. One by one, the 8-week-old pups were pulled out of their crates and introduced to the men who’ll care for them and help them learn to assist […]

Credit: law_keven Something to reflect upon?:)

A CAT risked one of his nine lives by leaping from a 40ft building. Tigger the tabby survived his death-defying act, but only after a fire crew had been assembled to rescue him. The lucky moggy had been missing for 11 days when he was spotted on the roof of a house in Moorend Park […]

Credit: dora_marie Love knows no boundary…

Posted By: Kathleen Minnix President Harry Truman famously said “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” The odds a president had a dog during his term are 1 in 1.54 (65%). In 1998, at the height of the scandal surrounding Monica Lewinsky, President Bill Clinton took that advice when he added Buddy, […]

by Helena Sung Sugar, a French Bulldog-Bassett Hound mix who was being held for ransom in New York City was found on Tuesday morning — tied to a bush in the Brooklyn park where she had initially run off while playing in the snow last week. According to ABC News, a Good Samaritan walking his […]

Credit: Delie En route for their first walk with mama?

Two years ago, the future could not have looked bleaker for Morris the pony. He was neglected and nearly blind, with cataracts in both eyes. He had been abandoned by his owner at a livery yard. Morris had some friends, however. Noticing his stall was not being cleaned and Morris was never being turned out, […]

BY THANDI FLETCHER, CANWEST NEWS SERVICE OTTAWA — After staring into the eyes of chickens, a group of American researchers think they maybe on the path toward finding new ways to treat human blindness. Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have discovered light receptors in a chicken’s eye allow the […]


By Ferris Jabr If you saw Pixar’s 2009 computer-animated film Up, you’ll likely remember the character of Dug: a lovable golden retriever who can talk, thanks to a collar that translates his thoughts. I know what you’re hoping to read next. Something like, “Now, scientists have invented just such a collar! Soon we will we […]

Cuteness is everywhere!!!

Cutie and picture belongs to Sue Gerres

Credit: SaylaMarz *Lonely soul*…Where is my mate?:)

by WABI-TV5 News Desk A woman in Otis has made it her life’s work to help children with special needs learn life skills. She’s starting a new therapy program using horses. And folks in the community are rallying to help her. Jennifer Cammack is on a mission. By her side, are Maggie the quarter horse, […]

Credit: catlu1 Fantastic shot!

Puppy Bowl VI, the exciting 2010 edition, airs on Sunday, Feb 2 at 3 PM Eastern and Pacific time on Animal Planet. My favorite part is the Kitten Half Time Show. The puppies are cute but, let’s face it, kittens have puppies beat six ways from Sunday. It’s nice to see Animal Planet take a […]

Daisy, who is a male despite his name, was brought inside the Prince of Wales in Malvern by landlord Ian Randall to escape the cold weather. Mr Randall, 29, said: “He’s quite an inquisitive rabbit, and he keeps on looking at the flashing lights and reaching up to have a go. “The locals have to […]

Credit: Tjflex2 He was lucky: a no kill shelter rescued him and treated him!!! May God bless all people doing some good to others, humans and animals, on this planet!!!

NORFOLK, Va., Feb. 4 (UPI) — A botanical garden in Norfolk, Va., said a pair of bald eagles nesting in the park has two eggs to watch over in their nest. The Norfolk Botanical Garden confirmed in a release the eagles welcomed their second egg of the season Thursday, following the pair’s first egg being […]

The City of West Hollywood has drafted an ordinance that will see puppy mills removed from local pet shops’ list of suppliers in favour of rescue and shelter dogs and cats. Companion Animal Protections Society (CAPS) assisted the Animal Legal Defense Fund and the City of West Hollywood in providing evidence to justify the measure […]

By MICHELLE ROBINSON A Birkenhead home narrowly excaped going up in flames thanks to the instincts of a cat. The male occupant of the Onewa Rd property was alerted by his cat to a fire that started in a wall cavity, Birkenhead fire officer Grant Mitcheson says. The Birkenhead fire crew attended the blaze that […]

They’re very tough boys, they’re very macho. Most of them have gang affiliation, have trauma or abuse issues, abandonment issues,” explains Tamara Lamprecht Vasquez, Clinical Supervisor for the Bexar County Juvenile Detention Treatment Center. “To get them out here softens them. They shed that hard exterior and show their true personalities which they have spent […]

Credit: briseno08 He sure “nose” how to clean himself:)




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