Happy news about animals

January, 2010

By CLAIRE BATES It’s a hard life being a penguin chick. Born into an icy world where temperatures plunge to -40C with wind speeds up to 89mph, the youngsters must fend off predatory giant petrels from the air and leopard seals in the sea. Perhaps that is why these three are so exhausted. They belong […]

Credit: AndreaCharlaine A happy doggy in the white fluff stuff:)

Washington State is cracking down on puppy mills. On New Year’s Day, they enacted a law aimed at eliminating them. How? This new law imposes tougher standards on dog breeders. In a nutshell, Washington is making it illegal for a dog breeder to own more than 50 dogs over the ages of six months. Full […]

Credit: catlu1 Too cute for words;)

Feral cats spend their whole lives outdoors, and can be found all over the country, in every type of landscape. They are not socialized to humans, preferring to live amongst their own in family groups called “colonies.” As the winter months near, there are a few simple things you can do to help the outdoor […]




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