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January, 2010

By Brandon Rush John Jones of Wichita is one relieved cat owner. That’s because his missing cat Ebenezer, or “Ebby,” as he’s called, finally turned up in — of all places — a school in Newton. The cat had been missing from his home in Wichita since Dec. 18, and somehow remarkably made his way […]

Credit: helical_wiggler Iz tiny but iz cute!

By Beverly Van Buskirk Tails wag with happiness as dogs get their pampering trim from Tricia Pippett, owner of Tail Trends, a new dog grooming business in Le Mars. Pippett opened her business Dec. 1, sharing space at Town and Country Veterinary Clinic, but has been doing grooming in Le Mars for 10 years. Pippett […]

By JAMES BARRON The only thing a fledgling bird-watcher saw through his binoculars was a Boeing 757. It turned out that six tiny meadowlarks, with their bright yellow feathers and necklace-like black markings around their throats, were on the ground, in a marshy stretch of what used to be the largest landfill in the world. […]

A new artificial kneethe world’s first in a catsaves a feline life. By the Telegraph Missy, an 8-year-old cat in appropriately named Petworth, West Sussex, learned her worth in a dramatic fashion. She has received the world’s first feline artificial knee, according to an article in the Telegraph. After being hit by a car, Missy […]

Credit: Dan65 Beautiful sighthound!!!

By KJ Lang Nothing like a little rough-and-tumble to mark a family reunion. Puppy siblings Ruby, Coby and Buddy wrestled in the hay Thursday at Diggity Dog Daycare after months of separation. The three, along with two other siblings — all Jack Russell terrier and Australian cattle dog mix pups — were an accidental litter. […]

Credit: Chi Liu Nature is so rich in beauty and colours!!

By Amanda Winters A three-year cleanup and restoration project at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park bird sanctuary came to a close last month, and organizers are optimistic about the results. Though it doesn’t look like much on a bleak winter day – bare trees, damp foliage and an overall dingy view – the thousands of […]

Credit: AleFletcher HAPPY NEW YEAR! :-) Fletcher has the cutest little mouth!

By Judith Pannebaker Every once in a while not only do the good guys win, but a good dog also wins. A video on YouTube, which can be accessed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FR8XIomSIa0, shows little dachshund Rainbow walking. Normally, that wouldn’t be cause for celebration, but in this little mama’s case, those few steps might be classified […]

by: Ken Malloy It’s a happy ending for a Kerman girl who has been reunited with her missing dog. 12-year-old Gabriella Garcia is blind and her puppy Ray Charles is also blind. After the dog disappeared, the Garcia family got in touch with CBS47 On Your Side, asking for help finding the pooch. One of […]

Credit: extensiblecow One lil piggie went for a nap…:)

Credit: craftybeaver I would give him anything he wants!!!!

by Lindsay Barnett Fifteen homeless Chihuahuas transported from San Francisco to New York City this month seem to have great new lives in store for them in the big city. More than 100 New Yorkers stood in line for a chance to adopt one of the little dogs from New York’s ASPCA shelter last Wednesday. […]

by JANET WINIKOFF VERO BEACH — Hi, my name is Felicia and I am a 3-year-old female Ocicat mix. I lot to talk and talk…and talk. I just love attention and am willing to talk to you to get it! I’d rather live with someone who is home all day so that I know you’ll […]

Credit: [ CK ] He is a winner because he is so cute on that photo:)

WICHITA FALLS, Texas — Puppy love for an Archer City boy meant asking for animal-friendly birthday presents that he could donate to a rescue group. Keelan Coit on Saturday celebrated turning 6 and had a party where the presents included bags of dog and cat food, kitty litter, cleaning supplies, paper towels and cash. The […]

Credit: ASL Hush lil ham, sleep tight:)

by DOUG DELONY HOUSTON – Residents of a southeast Houston home returned from a night of shopping to find their property on fire. Inside the home were two puppies. The fire was reported around 11:30 a.m. on Hemlock at Kellogg. Heavy smoke was pouring from a front bedroom, but Houston firefighters were able to knock […]

by Cathy Rosenthal Every day, animal shelters look for ways to save the lives of the homeless pets in their care, promoting adoptions, and pushing pet owners to spay and neuter their pets. In 2009 though, some animal shelters, like the Salina Animal Shelter, went above and beyond by saving the lives of dozens more […]

by Dave Adams A good Samaritan found the puppy. The Deschutes County Sheriffs Office is trying to locate the person or persons who left a small puppy in a garbage bag on the side of the road. Deschutes County Sheriffs Lieutenant Gary Decker says; “A good Samaritan had pulled off to the side of the […]

Credit: *volar* Look at that beautiful fur!!!

By Kathy Lehr The four surviving thoroughbred horses, along with a donkey and a miniature horse, taken from a Bethel farm on December 28, 2009 in an alleged animal cruelty case, are eating well, their energy is returning, and they are getting frisky, according to veterinarian Dr. Brenda Specht, overseeing the care of the animals […]

By Dan Vergano A long-sought breeding ground of one of the world’s rarest birds has turned up in Afghanistan, conservation scientists report. In the journal BirdingASIA, a team led by Robert Timmins of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) report the tagging of twenty large-billed reed warblers, Acrocephalus orinus, at a site in the Pamir Mountains […]

Credit: Laurie Lopes What a nice shine his fur has!!!

(By Eldad Hagar)

HOUSTON — A puppy is lucky to be alive after his family’s southeast Houston home caught fire late Monday, KPRC Local 2 reported. The residents of a home on Hemlock Street near Kellogg Street returned from the grocery store at about 11:30 p.m. and found smoke coming out of their home. They went inside and […]


BY JENNIFER LEBOVICH AND CURTIS MORGAN A massive force of federal, state and county agents early Tuesday hit an isolated pocket of West Miami-Dade County suspected to be at the center of Miami’s black market in horse flesh, an illicit trade exposed by nearly two dozen grisly horse killings. It was a major operation, with […]

By Kate Adams Just ten days into the New Year and All Heart Pet Rescue has taken in an abandoned puppy. Kathy Jeanneault, the Powassan owner of All Heart Pet Rescue, says the puppy (a black lab mix) was left in a garage in the home of F. Goulais the Animal Control Officer for the […]

Credit: Cajaflez The look of a star:)

By Sarah Briggs Birdsall Horse Rescue and Sanctuary Inc., the most recently recognized tax-exempt horse rescue facility in western New York, is on 26 acres of farm in Bloomfield. Named after Ruby Birdsall, its president and farm manager, the organization was founded in 2008 by Birdsall; Harriet Rubins, vice president and executive director; Kirk Miller, […]

Credit: sachi_vixen As soft as the snow she is walking on, I am sure!

Credit: Slauren2010 Ain’t she the prettiest little piggy ever!!!

by ksdk.com At first, Nancy Lupia’s husband thought she was nuts but after 5 years, he’s warming up to the fact that his wife turned their basement into a cat rescue group “He agreed that we could get a cat, then we had 2 cats, and now he’s actually my biggest support with regards to […]

Credit: bel_b Did you spot the bunny…slippers? LOLOL This is too cute:)

By Michael D. Pitman Cora Freson’s male cow “Walter” was rescued by the Ross Twp. Fire Dept. after falling in the family’s nine foot deep pool, Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2010. The cow was lured to the steps and out of the pool in under 15 minutes from the time of it’s fall. Read the full […]

NEW DELHI: India’s newfound partnership with China on environment issues has yielded results in the area of tiger protection as well. In what could be seen as a new year’s gift for the Indian tiger, China’s State Forestry Administration has issued a directive calling for the protection of tigers, especially the need to step up […]




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