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December, 2009

Seventeen firefighters used a long metal ladder to pull a drowning Cocker Spaniel out of a frozen pond in Scotland, reports the Daily Mail. Having been unfortunate enough to fall into a frozen pond, most of us would settle for a modest rescue involving a couple of old ropes and perhaps a blanket to warm […]

Credit: Eneko Garcia For in this way God loved the world: that he gave the unique son, so that all the ones trusting in him would not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16

Credit: Rock and Racehorses FALALALALAAAAAAAA


Credit: Muggins’ Lover Merry Christmas from all of them to all of us:)

Credit: Back in the Pack LOL This dog is smiling:)

Credit: *Michelle*(xena2542)-on/off flickr Beautiful cat! Such wonderful green eyes!

Credit: AleFletcher www.redbubble.com/people/AleFletcher WISHES US ALL HOPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Credit: viking.girl3 LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED:)

Credit: saikiishiki BUT DARLING!


Credit: MilkyFactory SUGAR PLUM DREAMS?

Credit: invisghost Have a purrrrrrrrrrrfect holiday time!

By: Nathan Hansen The rescue didn’t go down quite like it was supposed to. The bucket truck was there. So was someone from Lakeville’s animal rescue. But when the treebound cat finally decided to come down, it took the fast route Wednesday, dropping 30-some feet to the ground and running off through the downtown Farmington […]

In japan, They had the most adorable idea: they opened a café where you can come in, sit and pet a bunny! Nice zootherapy:) See the place here

by Neil Clarkson Appaloosa mare Pearl was the last remaining horse in a three-storey barn ablaze in Pennsylvania. Burning embers rained down in her smoke-filled stall as firefighters played water on the blaze in a bid to control it. The North Strabane Fire Department was put in charge of large animal rescue and they were […]

Credit: Airdna

By SUE MANNING LOS ANGELES — For several years, Jude Stringfellow and her Lab-chow mix have toured the country with a simple message: Faith walks. Born without front legs to a junkyard dog around Christmas 2002, Faith the puppy was rejected and abused by her mother. She was rescued by Rueben Stringfellow, now an Army […]

BY CHERYL ROSENTHAL If you’re thinking of surprising the family this Christmas with a puppy, dog, cat or kitten, OAHS can help with a very special delivery. If you adopt a pet between December 17 and 22, OAHS can arrange to have your new, warm fuzzy delivered locally on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Informations […]

Posted By Shawn Slaght The Bow Valley Naturalists will be holding their 35th annual Banff-Canmore Christmas Bird Count on Saturday, Dec. 19. The bird count is something that is done throughout North America and areas of Central America, northern South America, the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands. This event started over 100 years ago and […]

Credit: *Toia* ..et Bonne Année!

MANKATO, Minn. (AP) ― A cold kitten found a warm home in Mankato, but it wasn’t easy. The cat was rescued after darting into the warm engine compartment of a car. Police tell The Free Press it happened Wednesday when Nicholas Nelson braked to avoid running over the kitten, which was hunkered down in the […]

Credit: teaching2007 Merry Christmas to all ferrets and their owners:)

by PetSmart Charities Milestone Number of Lives Saved Through PetSmart Charities® of Canada Adoptions PHOENIX, AZ–(Marketwire – December 14, 2009) – A five-month-old kitten named Calli in Thornton, Ontario has found her forever home, thanks to Street Cats Animal Rescue and PetSmart Charities of Canada. But Calli is no ordinary kitten. She represents the 100,000th […]

by The Associated Press MANKATO, Minn. (AP) A cold kitten found a warm home in Mankato, but it wasn’t easy. The cat was rescued after darting into the warm engine compartment of a car. Police tell The Free Press it happened Wednesday when Nicholas Nelson braked to avoid running over the kitten, which was hunkered […]

Credit: skoop102 AND have a nice wheeeeeeeeek:)

By Amy Mathieson A horse that went missing following a day out with the Southdown Bloodhounds has been found safe and well, three days later. Lily, a 15.2hh bay roan with a large white blaze and white socks, went missing on Sunday (6 December). The meet was at Stocks Farm, Privett, and Lily bolted before […]

BY PEGGY CURRAN MONTREAL — An ancient pygmy sea cow isn’t the kind of thing you find every day. More like every 45 million years. So when Karen Samonds, a paleontologist whose work focuses on the evolutionary history of Madagascar’s modern fauna, discovered fossilized teeth and bits of skull in sandstone and limestone rocks in […]

Credit: llulu HOPPY HOLIDAYS?:)

Credit: Andry11 Very nice shot! And a happy doggy!

Credit: Viola Life Joyeux Noël, Merry Christmas, Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad!

Credit: umpbump Have a “berry” Merry Christmas!

By Linda Williams A pair of golden Labrador retriever mutts were cold and wet when Brooktrails firefighters and public works personnel finally rescued them Wednesday night from a culvert near Lake Emily. The lost cat trapped with them apparently returned home once the distraction of the pups was removed; a rough board was left to […]

Credit: April Atrocity We woof you a Merry Christmas!

BY ANNIE VAZQUEZ Adoption: Spread some howli-day cheer this year by adopting a new BFF. Miami-Dade Animal Services has rows and rows of purebred and mixed breed puppies and adult dogs that would make a long lasting gift for years. The fee for a puppy is $75 and for a dog is $65 Full article […]

Credit: Happygoluckywon We wheeeeeeeeeeeeeek you a Merry Chrsitmas!

lbinism in animals is a fact about whom most of us are not aware. But animals can also inherited Albinism from both the animal’s parents. In animals it is caused by recessive genes inherited from their parents. All kinds of animals can show albinism but till now rarely there have been sightings of albino dolphins, […]

Credit: dora_marie And a purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect Happy New Year 2010! Tigger

Credit: pyza* A darling little ham! Check this person other pictures: lots of cuties in there;)

The often underestimated significance of a pet in the life of a human has been brought forward in a growing body of research that suggests that a household animal can provide a range of relational benefits. Dr. Froma Walsh poured the research in two articles, entitled “Human-Animal Bonds I,” (focused on the benefits of companion […]

By Ira Kantor Defying the neigh-sayers, a formerly abused gelding found himself hot to trot despite the wintry conditions yesterday while on display at the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s “Giving Tree” open house. Battling the odds and the frigid chill, Sammy, 16, was on hand – or rather hoof – with Santa Claus himself […]

Credit: Muggins’ Lover Go read about Shylo, the frozen rock gnawing dog:)




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