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June, 2009

By BRADEN LAMMERS The Clark County Red Cross is using pet therapy in a novel way. It’s using dogs as an audience for books. The Puppy Tales reading program allows children from the second to the fifth grade a chance to improve their reading and speaking skills by reading to a canine. The pet therapy […]

Credit: epicnom Adorable wild little bunny!

by Terry Brown July 01, 2009 12:00am LOTS of little dogs go flat out, but not flat out like Berry the chihuahua. When 900kg of clydesdale is your paddock playmate, finding a horseshoe isn’t always so lucky. takes more to get Berry down at heel, though. She’s got so many lives, she should have been […]

Credit: Diogo Gasparetto Are you talking to me?

Bird of the month: Ruby-throated hummingbird. Description: The most common hummingbird in the Eastern United States, the ruby-throated averages 3 inches long and weighs 1/10 or 2/10 ounce. The birds have bright green backs, and the males have bright red throats that can look dark at times. Nesting habits: The females in Florida build their […]

Credit: Fullofheart Ain’t he darling!!!

Southeast Michigan is home to thousands of horses but many of them are losing their homes along with their owners. Real estate agents visiting foreclosed properties have found horses left behind that were turned loose to fend for themselves or worse, left in stalls and corrals. People riding on bridle trails in recreation areas report […]

Credit: dora_marie Now that cat loves to nap with the Guinea pigs: and they live happy like that:)

by RICHARD BATSON A total ban on using whips to punish competition horses in Britain is being called for by a Norfolk equestrian group. They say the nation should follow the lead of Denmark and Scotland in outlawing the use of a whip and spurs on a horse failing to perform at an event. Full […]

Credit: ♥j e n n i f e r. Love is all you need!

Dogs are now being trained in Britain to warn diabetic owners when their blood sugar levels take a dangerous plunge. Most people know that dogs are often used in searching for illegal drugs and explosives, and a few have heard that man’s best friend has proven himself even capable of sniffing out certain cancer cells. […]

Credit: Peter Liu Photography Nature is so incredible!!

Credit: William Dalton A big family to feed!

Credit: Sayra. The picture is in B&W but this kitten sure will put colors in your life!

Credit: *lalalalinda* He is darling!

By Laura Kestner Although not exactly a common sight, peacocks can be found on many Central Texas ranches. But one particular peacock has created quite a buzz at a Comanche County ranch. Completely white, Snowflake was hatched more than two years ago, along with four traditionally colored peafowl, on a ranch near Gustine. Full story […]

BY ABBEY ROY FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP — Sporting an ear-to-ear grin and a neon green Shrek helmet — complete with ogre ears — 9-year-old Michael Marple is a standout riding his horse around the small dirt arena at the Licking County Equestrian Center. A three-year veteran at the Friends of Citizens with Disabilities Pony Express Horseback […]

Credit: j è n n i f e r. He can climb anything! This bunny has rabbitude and derterbunation!

Credit: Gattou/Lucie A cat on top of the other one…who is napping under the covers..lol Criquette, you are too funny!

LONDON: A week-old puppy in Britain had a miraculous escape after its four-year-old owner flushed it down the toilet in a bid to give it a bath. The cocker spaniel was trapped in a waste pipe for almost four hours after little the little bot of the house decided that it “needed a wash” as […]

Credit: domenicosavi photographer Happy as a duck?:))

by Laurel Rockefeller June 15th, 2003, a faint pecking is heard by three lutino chicks huddled together in a pine nesting box. Slowly a crack forms in the nearby egg next to them, an egg that the watching humans nearby did not expect to hatch. With one last bit of effort with her beak tooth, […]

By Mail Foreign Service He is a fully grown Rottweiler. She is a tiny wolf pup. But that hasn’t stopped 18-month-old,150lb dog Ulrok and and eight-week-old cub Beldaran becoming best of friends They sleep together, frolic in the sun and even howl at the moon in unison – and their unlikely union brings a smile […]

Credit: tropicaLiving Well this parrot is a beauty:)

The mystery behind a spate shoe thefts in a German town has been solved: a local fox had been stealing them. Locals in the German town of Föhren had wondered for over one year why shoes kept disappearing from doorsteps and garden terraces at night. The mystery was solved by accident, when a forestry worker […]

Credit: BunnyStudios I can transport in my cheeks enough food for a day. Can you do the same trick?:)

Thanks to the Fire Department, in Burton, a kitten is safe and sound at the Beaufort County Animal Shelter after spending about five days underneath the deck of the Broad River bridge. People visiting the fishing pier began hearing its cries Monday, according to media reports. A firefighter rappelled down near the kitten Thursday, but […]

Credit: cjnzja Little piggy, you are more than cute with your silky fur : you are beautiful!! Have a good wheeeeeeeek!

Here is an article talking about having one at home and how people having chipmunks take care of their little pet. Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE/Sin Chew Daily “Have you ever wondered how to distinguish a chipmunk from a squirrel? In fact, you can tell just by the white stripes on the chipmunk’s back. Malaysia […]

Credit: Doin’ Work! give us our daily carrots, Amen

Published on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 by Wire Service Canada Alberta-Based Company Becomes Canadian Distributor For Environmentally-Friendly Automatic “Smart” Cat-Door Sherwood Park, AB, June 10, 2009 – EIDAP Inc., the country’s largest distributor of companion-animal microchips is branching out its product line to include a state-of-the-art automatic cat-door. After investigating several options, C.O.O. Peter DeNooy, […]

Credit: tropicaLiving Here kitty…kitty? Ouch….Good kitty,good….

Credit: Doin’ Work! You are a cute overload of fluffy bun :)

Credit: Biscuit Fund I guess Mr Chaplin wouldn’t take any offense in this:)

Credit: elvis8ham Dolphins: if only we could speak their language!

by Sally Evans THANKS to the generosity of The Times’ readers, a rehabilitation centre for kittens and puppies has been rescued from becoming a casualty of the financial recession. Samantha Berger, the founder of the shelter Kitty and Puppy Haven, a sanctuary for neglected and abused animals in Gauteng, said donations have poured in since […]

Credit: grahambrown1965 Well the good news is, they can escape:)

by NBC A near catastrophe is over for a 6-week-old kitten. The pint-sized orange tabby cat was discovered by Wareham, Massachusetts resident Myra Amado after she heard crying sounds coming from her back yard. Full story and picture here

Credit: billbalance – really balancing You have to admit, way much nicer than that Karate Kid years ago..lol And I love this photographer: his work is unique!

Credit: mtl1977 Another adorable pet that more and more people adopt.

Credit: Mitchell T Together, they make a heart shape:)

from METRO.co.UK This is the amazing moment a mighty mouse took on a hungry leopard – and won. The brave rodent appeared to be unaware of the wild cat towering over it while he tucked into some food. Instead of pouncing on food rival the cowardly bigcat called Sheena appeared to be too scared and […]

Credit: ViaMoi This action photo shows how extraordinary this photographer is!! Love it!

By DOUG IRVING SANTA ANA – The latest arrival at the Santa Ana Zoo is a tuft of shaggy fur about the size of a hamster that’s been spending its days snuggled tight against the chest of its mother. The baby saki monkey, born May 18, appears to be healthy, although zookeepers haven’t gotten close […]




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