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May, 2009

by MSNBC.COM It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a … cat? A kitty in Chongqing, China, is gettinhttp://goodanimalnews.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpg some extra-special attention these days: The furry feline has developed wings! Though born looking completely normal, once the cat hit the age of 1, he began growing wing-shaped appendages on either side of his spine, the […]

You have to see what such a tiny creature is capable of! And don’t worry, the story ends nicely! A mother squirrel arrives to find her child in danger underneath a large dog that is anything but a friend. motherly love

Credit: dora_marie Well, this is no surprise mice likes chamomile:)

NBC Published: February 9, 2009 Just before christmas, a shoplifter was captured on security cameras stealing from a grocery store. But it wasn’t just any thief. This one had four legs. The thief was discovered and was brought back to the scene of the crime. Returning to the scene of the crime in a Hummer, […]

by The Telegraph The Mistle Thrush had built her nest on top of a downpipe, blocking the water’s passage and causing the gutter to flood. But desperate to protect her young, she puffed herself up to twice her size and sat in the drainpipe to stop the tide of rain water swamping the nest. She […]

Credit: edwin_c It has v-8:) And more carrot power than one would think:)

Credit: dora_marie Gimme a P Gimme an I Gimme a G Gimme a G Gimme a Y I am da PIGGY with a stunning hairdo and attitude! On the picture: Caramel, the cutest piggy girl!

Origins of Hug Your Cat Day BY APRICAT Hug Your Cat Day is a national holiday via Chase’s Calendar of Events and celebrated around the world. Now I’m sure you think this blog is about me, and in a way it is since I’m the blogger, but you’ve probably heard that when a woman has […]

Credit: dora_marie Is Mimi whispering a secret in his bunny friend’s adorable ear? One thing is sure: they do love to groom each other and nap in the same place…really close together!

By NWCN.com Staff KENNEWICK, Wash. – Benton County sheriff’s deputies seized more than 300 American Eskimo dogs living in “deplorable” conditions in a Kennewick home Wednesday morning, reports the Tri-City Herald. Officials raided the house of Ella Stewart, 66, who runs Sun Valley Kennel out of her home and breeds toy American Eskimos, around 8:30 […]

WPBF PALM BEACH, Fla. — A kitten rescue that played out in the front of singer Vic Damone’s Palm Beach home Memorial Day could inspire the 1950s and 1960s crooner to write another song, he said. For several days, Damone and his wife said they heard the feral kitten crying, but they couldn’t find the […]

These two guys crack me up!

CBC NEWS An unusual passenger caught an early morning ferry ride to Vancouver Island Friday morning, heading for a beach on the southwest coast Vancouver Island. The passenger was Cow, a 182-kilogram northern elephant seal, who picked up her nickname while recovering at the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre in Vancouver. Cow was heading to the […]

Credit: IONclad Isn’t he the sweetest little thing ever! More pictures of him can also being found following the link to the original of this photo.

By BECKI GOTSHALL, Humane League The clear sky, a calm sea, a lovable cat. Blue is the handle of a gorgeous and affectionate girl waiting to be adopted after her owners had to move and could no longer keep her. What is the good news? That could be the pet of your dreams: BLUE

Copyright 2009 by WPTZ.com AKWESASNE TERRITORY — An unusual wolf-dog hybrid that went missing from a northern New York Native American territory in a case of foul play has been recaptured and safely returned to a wolf pack sanctuary in Indiana. The canine disappeared from its cage on the Akwesasne Territory April 19. Akwesasne authorities […]

By Steve Schmadeke | Tribune reporter he is a youtube dance star (3 million views and counting) with appearances on Leno and Letterman under his belt. His uncanny abilities, chronicled in two recent scientific papers, may deepen our understanding of human neurobiology, potentially opening up better treatments for those suffering from movement disorders like Parkinson’s […]

A puppy had to have emergency surgery after eating an entire alphabet of fridge magnets. Six-month old Jack had just returned home from a castration operation on Thursday when he swallowed the magnets. The yellow labrador was taken to the PDSA’s charity hospital in Plymouth, Devon, by his owner the next morning, where he was […]

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) ― It was no ordinary rescue when a local woman tried to help a cat that became stuck in a tree for at least four days. Andie Karsh, of Greenfield, discovered the cat while she was walking Wednesday night in the Nine Mile Run section of Squirrel Hill. Then, the next day, the […]

It was a common sight throughout Newfoundland and Labrador for centuries, and played a major role in helping farmers, woodsmen and fishermen. Now the hardy Newfoundland Pony is being recognized for it’s contribution to life in the province with a stamp. Canada Post officially unveiled the stamp during a ceremony at Government House yesterday afternoon. […]

Credit: St Andrews Birder Tell me little bird, how was your flight?

by Graham Broadhead | 16th May 2009 IT was hoped the squeals of a young baby would yesterday help reunite him with his mum. The dolphin calf, estimated to be less than two weeks old, was being held in the water with a seven-year-old female, while his mum swam at the western end of Prospect […]

By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 6:25 PM on 14th May 2009 Odd couples come in all shapes and sizes but the story of the primate and the canine who are best friends has proved to be a match made in showbiz heaven. Suryia the orang-utan and Roscoe a Blue Tick hound became friends […]

Credit: -[ Harry Marmot. Be inspired ]- If these cows could talk they would probably say to let them out in the field and enjoy all the freedom they can get for as many days as they can!

Horse rescue organization and specialist transporter, PRP Rescue Services, has become a formal partner in the equine rescue initiative launched by the British Horse Society (BHS) and the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA). Jon Phillips founded PRP Rescue Services in 1986 after a colleague was left stranded following a horsebox breakdown. Despite being a member […]

Credit: water cress Dodo is one charming bunny:) I am sure we all agree:)

They lived under abandoned houses and a ditch,” Lake said of Sweetpea/Hemingway; mate Cybill; and the pups. She knows of two litters within the past year. Roscoe is the survivor who is adapting well to human interaction and looking for a forever home. Michelle James is another hospital employee who has made sure these dogs […]

Credit: richard.heeks And oh! So tiny cute ones too!

By Thelma Dalmas Everyone is familiar with the old adage about good things coming in small packages. On Saturday the Lynchburg birding community received a huge surprise when North America’s tiniest bird, a calliope hummingbird, was banded here in Boonsboro. It is by far the most unusual species I’ve ever seen near Lynchburg. It does […]

By Bob Luedeman Humor Columnist May 12, 2009 Barking dogs Does any one know how and why a dog barks? I don’t know how, but I know why. Inside of every dog’s brain, depending on its DNA, is a complete set of visual images. Let’s say a dog is looking out of a window, and […]

by The Associated Press A young Atlantic spotted dolphin that spent nearly three months recuperating at a Florida Keys marine mammal rehabilitation center was released off Key West Tuesday. Rescuers with the Marine Mammal Conservancy released the animal about 10 miles to the southwest of the island after searching for more than two days to […]

Credit: ViaMoi And so Noah sent a bird once more…

staff reports • May 11, 2009 Fire damaged at least five apartments in Cool Springs today, leaving one family without a home. Mark Daniel and his family, who were living in a 24-unit building at the Alara Farms apartments on Gillespie Drive, were awoken by smoke alarms just befor 3:30 a.m. They escaped, but due […]

By Emily Smith LONG ISLAND (WABC) cores of lucky puppies and dogs are getting a new lease on life on Long Island. Eyewitness News was there when a little schnauzer touched solid ground for the first time in its life Monday. It was one of hundreds of dogs doing the same after they were all […]




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