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February, 2009

Two police officers were given the run-around for 20 minutes in a low-speed pursuit of a giant white rabbit on the loose in a town centre. Story by Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent. Pcs Matt Jackson and Yasmin Mossadegh, of Kent Police, came across the two-foot long, 20lbs animal – the size of a small dog […]

Surrender sheds light on the ever-present problem of Puppy Mills in Quebec MONTREAL, QUEBEC–(Marketwire – Feb. 27, 2009) – This afternoon, the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took in approximately 60 dogs from a puppy mill just outside of Montreal. The dogs were voluntarily surrendered by the owner of the mill […]

Credit: Pockafwye héhéhé:) NEAT wireless one:)

Michael Pavletic has removed a butcher knife from a dog’s stomach and tumors from tiny mice. He’s performed plastic surgery on injured hawks. But he draws the line at giving canines body piercings or fat cats liposuction. “That’s just not what I do,” said the longtime head of surgery at Boston’s Angell Animal Medical Center. […]

Credit: deemacdee Well, it looks like one doesn’t want to be kissed that much:)

KOLKATA: After going through excruciating in pain for hours, a horse which had been most probably injured after being hit by a vehicle, was rescued and is now being treated at the ASHARI: Animal Shelter-cum-Hospital and Research Institute. Some people passing by, who noticed the injured horse in the Maidan area, tried to help it […]

Credit: Dixiesmom2007 We so wish we could be able to communicate with them in a better way!

By Susan Morse smorse@seacoastonline.com February 25, 2009 6:00 AM Max the black Labrador dog has been sticking pretty close to home since his close call in an icy ocean inlet, according to the man who pulled him from the water. The 6-year-old lab fell through the ice in Godfrey Cove in York on Tuesday, Feb. […]

Credit: dora_marie This Easter: buy CHOCOLATE, not live animals. Animals are no toys and will need care for the next 12 years or so. Rabbits live long. They are wonderful companions but they are no different than cats and dogs: they need freedom, love, good care, vet visits etc. Know what you are going into […]

Credit: EOGON Them too like them nuts:)

TAMPA – The first 10 from a group of dogs rescued from a North Carolina puppy mill this month are going up for adoption today at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Tampa Bay. About 30 cars lined up outside the gate this morning for a chance to adopt the dogs. The poodles […]

In December 2008 snowmobiler Logan Jack in British Columbia, Canada, happened upon two abandoned horses; the 3 year old mare Belle and the 14 year old gelding Sundance. His sister Toni was able to confirm the horses were in dire need of help. The horses ranked a 2 on the Henneke body condition scale, and […]

Sun Feb. 15 2009 5:52:46 PM by Sandie Benitah, ctvtoronto.ca Move over Ace Ventura. Toronto has its own pet detective. Lori Mark was walking her dog along Sherbourne Street, near Allan Gardens, when a man across the street caught her attention. Just hours before she had been reading a poster about a chocolate Labrador puppy […]

Photo courtesy of Sgerres By the Way, the owner went to get the brother too:) They have happy piggies!

By Linda Goldston Mercury News Posted: 02/16/2009 03:48:34 PM PST San Jose’s favorite love birds are back. Clara and Carlos, a pair of rare peregrine falcons, once again are soaring in the skies above City Hall, and Clara has been seen in the nesting box the duo used last year to hatch their three babies […]

Credit: Boris – guinea-pig Boris is a romantic Guinea pig who knows how to talk to piggy girls:)

Credit: dora_marie It was good to have her in our lives!!

Credit: *SMILING PUG* What a cute lil pug:)

Credit: The Dainty Squid

Credit: Erick Loitière (OQP | Busy) Regardez ces yeux bleus!!! Zizou est vraiment un chat adorable!

ONE of England’s most endangered birds of prey, the hen harrier, could be released into the wild in the New Forest in a matter of years. With just ten breeding pairs counted in England last year, Natural England is drawing up plans to reintroduce the bird into its former ranges. You can read the rest […]

Australian firefighter David Tree shares water with a koala whose paws were scorched as a result of wildfires in Mirboo North, southeast of Melbourne. Read this wonderful article here: Koala rescue story

Here is the full story told by our bunny Noisette: Félicité is very pretty but you should have seen her when Gram brought her home: light as a feather, still on meds. Gram went to the shelter one day to verify if they had a bunny. The silly woman should not go there!! Now she […]

Credit: lover1969 This pup is certainly not afraid of bath tsunamis :) Right matey?

A pregnant cow, which is from China (in Gaixi village in Quanzhou, Fujian province), fell into a pit and survived without food or water for 21 days. Although it is much more thin, the cow and her unborn calf are in good condition. The cow went missing this late December after a farmer took it […]

Credit: katinha_n Aren’t they just adorable? And to think they are ferocious predators!

A horse in Kentucky gives thanks to some quick-acting firefighters, who freed him from a frozen pond.Rescue workers braved the freezing cold temperatures in Campbell county to free the horse. The horse’s name is Pencil. It took more than twenty firefighters to pull the animal to safety, after several unsuccessful attempts to power lift him […]

Credit: Stuck in Customs Superb shot! Animals and freedom are a perfect mix!

You know, folks, there’s just never-ending excitement in Oak Ridge, especially on the federal environs. A horse was lost last week somewhere in the vicinity of the Wackenhut training range off Bear Creek Rd., and — alas — was found today after spending a week on the DOE reservation eating whatever was available. (Yes, they […]

Credit: catlu1 Peanut is flying back inside:) Impressive shot of a bun in movement!

Please let me know if you know who wrote this beautiful poem! Rabbit Rescue Poem Author, Unknown I used to be a lonely rabbit, Just looking for a home. I simply had no place to go, No one to call my own. I wandered through the streets and fields, in rain in heat and snow. […]

This is absolutely endearing!!!

A Littlecote couple have been banned from keeping horses in a case brought by the RSPCA. John King, 51, and Amy King, 60, were found guilty at Aylesbury Magistrates’ Court of causing unnecessary suffering to a pony named Spirit. They were also fined £2,400 each and both were ordered to pay £2,150 in costs, as […]

Credit: EOGON Monsieur Jean De la Fontaine wrote a very nice fable about this animal: Le Héron Un jour, sur ses longs pieds, allait je ne sais où, Le Héron au long bec emmanché d’un long cou. Il côtoyait une rivière. L’onde était transparente ainsi qu’aux plus beaux jours ; Ma commère la carpe y […]

Dogpile , a search engine I just found, is raising money for animals in need with our Search & Rescue program. Now, Dogpile is helping in another, very special way. Follow the story of Jack and Emma, a heartwarming journey of two dogs rescued by soldiers in wartime and brought home to live with them […]

Credit: Riude Isn’t this the prettiest little hedgehog picture you have ever seen!

They saved the life of a river dolphin that had strayed into an irrigation canal. It was a Gangetic dolphin, an endangered species and IT was trapped there for more than 24 hours, people said. It was discovered by the villagers of Tilkhoja. The dolphin’s age was guestimated to be about 12 years old. And […]

Credit: mmv824 Sadie is surely convinced that with those beautiful eyes of hers, she can make us do things for her. I think we don’t need to be hypnotized: we would anyway:)

A site with a mission: spread the word that animals are no toys and certainly no rabbit is an Easter present! Well done, they do have a message and they inform people as well as educate. They began as a local fund raising effort for the Columbus House Rabbit Society in 2003 and are now […]




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