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January, 2009

Credit: dora_marie Make a wish: a tiny mouse has kissed you! You know you can be trusted when such a tiny thing isn’t scared of you!

Credit: deemacdee No, it is not a dance but Rosemary jumping over Rufus. You would be surprised how many dogs, cats and bunnies get along so well!

Credit: deemacdee

In Melbourne, Dalton Rd residents had been left baffled when underwear left hanging on clothes lines and left in laundry baskets began to vanish, prompting the idea of a pervert prowling the neighborhood. But it was a cat, named Cisco who had been jumping over fences to get his paws on clothes including socks, swimmers, […]

Credit: skookums Penguins are cute, yes they are! They walk funny, they don’t fly, they are like torpedoes in water and we also learned recently that they can have *Happy Feet* :)LOL

The Telegraph in U.K. posted this astonishing article about this deaf puppy: this dog was left at a shelter because his owners could not cope with a deaf animal. Soon after he arrived at the shelter, the Dogs Trust Salisbury, they began to teach him sign language. Three weeks later, this fantastic student had learned […]

Credit: gardawind These birds are always so majestic! They seem to come directly from a fairy tale!

January 19, 2009: Another cat rescues his family from a terrible faith: fire! It looks like the smoke detectors had failed. Meowing, and meowing , he woke up his family: now we are talking extremely loud cries here. At about 4 a.m., the family, now awaken, saw a lot of smoke in the house. Every […]

A proposed statewide crackdown on the purveyors of “puppy mills” takes aim at unscrupulous breeders who keep dogs in overcrowded, filthy and inhumane conditions. Chloe’s Bill — named after an Illinois puppy mill survivor — would license breeders, set standards for dog living conditions, set a 20-dog limit per license and require dogs get examined […]

In Audubon Connecticut, it seems that this park was identified as an important bird area for thousands of raptors and land birds that pass over the area in migration each fall. Amazing how creatures can adapt isn’t it? An important bird area in the middle of a big city like New Haven! The plan was […]

Credit: Boris – guinea-pig BORIS,THE KING OF EVERYTHING!

Credit: dora_marie

While many might think the Macon County Sheriff’s Office’s bloodhound Abby is hard at work while tracking down a fugitive or lost person, she’s really just having fun. All that sweet dog want is a treat! For her, it is just a game. Bloodhounds are nothing new to the sheriff’s office. It started in the […]

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Credit: rosetintedlenses Now, you know your bunny loves internet when…:)

Credit: jmvnoos in Paris This cat has the most mesmerizing eyes! The picture has NOT been retouched!

Credit: Bеn They are absolutely magnificent! Holland is not only tulips and windmills:)

From Debbie New a.k.a hesedetang on Flick r

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The Cat Adoption Team’s Cat Food Bank will be open on Sunday, Feb. 1, to provide cat and kitten food to cat owners in financial need. Hours are noon to 2:30 p.m. Each owner will get about a month’s supply of food. The food bank has provided 4,499 pounds of kitten and cat food to […]

When we think about a way to represent sound in a visual form, most of us probably picture those volume-dependent sine waves. But this is not what this man has sound pictures: John Stuart patented something called a CymaScope. And Mr Stu uses it to help us learn more about how animals like dolphins communicate […]

Thank you Sue!

An Okaihau couple got the Christmas present they dreamed of. Brian and Leslie Denton were reunited with their dog ‘Puppy’ , stolen just a few days before Christmas. ‘Puppy’, a German pointer, featured on the Northern News front cover on December 24. The week before that, a person had taken the dog after paying a […]

Credit: dora_marie These mice sure seem to have a great life ! And the digital scrapbook page is beautiful, what do you think of it?

We all have seen stunning images of wildlife’s struggle, a tiny bird pecking at seeds from a frosted thistle, a branch of a tree, a place on the ground, a bird feeder maybe? This is not rare in our Winter Wonderland and bird feeders seem to increase in numbers with the years passing by. Birds […]

Credit: katinha_n This bird was photographed by katinha_n. If seems to be so intrigued by the camera! Thank you for the nice picture girl! katinha_n’s photostream on Flick r: http://www.flickr.com/photos/katinha_n/

Somebody had to think about this. And that somebody sure is a bird owner and wants his feathered friend to be flying around without *bombarding* the whole place. This is surely a great thing. Now, I wonder if the diapers are environment friendly? LOL




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