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December, 2008

Thousands of animals will be pampered by their owners this Christmas and any pet owner will tell you, this is absolutely normal: after all, the animals are part of their family! Now think of all the good that is done during this season: people give to shelters, help as volunteers and are acting instead of […]

You want to make sure you won’t miss this nice family movie this Holiday season! it is the story of a dog, his family and the adventures they all go through as Marley is, well, kind of a little bit of a special dog:) Well made, watch the previews; it will give you an idea […]

Credit: dora_marie Even mice are celebrating it seems on This Holiday Time:)

The Tame Silver Fox is the result of close toy 50 years of experiments in the Soviet Union and Russia to try to domesticate the silver pendant of the Red Fox. Interesting fact, the new foxes not only become more tame, but are more dog-like too: they lost their distinctive musky “fox smell”, became more […]

Baltimore’s animal shelter is cutting its adoption fees for the holidays, hoping it will entice people to adopt more pets and for the animals, meaning finding nice homes. “We’re being inundated with healthy, adoptable animals,” said Jennifer Mead-Brause(She is the executive director of Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter). Adding to the usual number of […]

Big thanks to his owner, Debbie New a.k.a hesedetang (http://www.flickr.com/photos/45931502@N00/)

Most contact lens wearers have had trouble putting them in their eyes at some point (I know, I wear contact lens…) – so the idea of putting them on a cat might seemed quite absurd. But that is exactly what the owners of a cat named Ernest – a 15-year-old black and white domestic cat […]

Credit: katinha_n Katia Numakura magnificently caught the essence of this dog’d feeling: “please, come back”. She is a wonderful photographer and I invite you to visit her albums on Flick r!

The Matakana dotterel, a bird specie from New Zealand’s and most endangered , is returning. The bird, extremely rare now, was seen nesting this summer in the Coromandel, Waihi, Matata, and Ohiwa, in the Bay of Plenty. The bird’s return was the result of a 17-year-long partnership between DOC and the Matakana Island community to […]

A three-year-old disabled boy can keep his beloved pony despite a neighbor complaints. The Committee members of the town said the Spiteri family, owner of the miniature pony, can keep the it despite zoning rules prohibiting it, so long as they keep the pen clean. The little boy,Sam Spiteri, has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, and […]

Credit: Maria*PA Maria’s bunny Baxter is ready for The Holidays! Thank you maria for the picture!

Horse rescued by 999 crew: Firefighters faced a race against time to rescue a horse which was trapped upside down in therapy equipment. This ordeal happened at a Shropshire equestrian centre. The crew from Baschurch had to haul the horse out of the apparatus while it was under sedation and the men had only a […]

Right there in your backyard, bird-watching with children might surprise you with a number of unexpected results! Because early experiences in children lives affect how their brains develop and lay the foundation for all we know we need:intelligence, emotional health and moral development, according to the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Healthy […]

TWO former residents from Newborough are on a quest to save a three year-old elephant from a lifetime of hardship. The elephant, `Chhouk’ ,got his foot caught in a trap in Cambodia. The mother had already been killed by the poachers. The baby was left to die but was saved by Wildlife Alliance, which had […]

Emergency workers rescued 4 legged victims Monday afternoon from a house fire. A passerby spotted smoke coming from a 2 story home and called 911. Police first arrived on the scene and reported that at least one cat and one dog were inside the home. Fire Department Battalion Chief Greg Benson said firefighters arrived soon […]

Thanks to hesedetang for her permission to use her beautiful pictures!! http://hesedetang.wordpress.com/

A new partner has been found for a rare ostrich-like bird left widowed after her partner was shot last week. Chris Ottoway found his male rhea after it had been shot in the leg. Unfortunately, the poor animal had to be put down. An owner of the same specie of bird, a grey male rhea […]

Credit: dora_marie Vanille the Guinea Pig is trying to infiltrate the world of rabbits. Will she succeed?

Shelby is one very , extremely lucky dog! She fell 90 feet down, in a canyon, and most unbelievable, survived this 90 feet fall, reports Idaho Statesman. A team of firefighters in Kuna rescued the border collie that jumped over a canyon rim wall at Dedication Point. The dog fell 90 feet but only has […]

Two days stuck in a sewer pipe, that is the time a kitten from South End spent in it! Residents on San Juan Street began hearing “meows” on Tuesday and it sounded like a distressed kitten. The Animal Rescue League was called and they were able to rescue the poor animal! Curtis Hanson, of the […]

Thank you Momo for giving me the permission to post this wonderful video!

An Oma arrived very early this morning at our house. I have to explain: an Oma is an old person, the mother of Gramp, and the Grandmother of Little Girl. She smells different from the house here. She smells..like fire! I think it’s that… Gram started to giggle when I wrote that (the woman keeps […]

So moving, so impressive I thought I would post it. In Chili, South America, a dog gets hits by a car. Another dog risks her own life to save the fallen dog. What a hero!




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