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November, 2008

Moet, a very special dog, was left without being able to move after an accident deprived him from the usage of his back legs due to a back injury.Now the dog’s rehabilitation is on a roll, no punt intended: with the help of a specially made American two-wheeled harness, the little dog can again enjoy […]

They might are not made of elegant fabric like leather or suede, but these blue shoes are a perfect fit for our little happy feet penguins in this story. The newly shod bird, is one among 18 “second chance” penguins living at the moment at the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch in New Zealand. The […]

Credit: Maria*PA One cutie bunny who is in the spirit of The Holidays! HOPPY HOLIDAYS!

Some people are just back from the barn where they keep abandoned animals in a town east of Québec City. They do not have the S.P.C.A. It is the same man who is in charge and most probably the same crew since the 80’s they said. There were only 4 dogs and about 1 dozen […]

When New Yorkers mention wild turkey these days they’re not referring to Kentucky bourbon. They’re talking about Zelda. The Thanksgiving season seems the right time to tell a story about a brave bird who has defied the odds of survival and mesmerized the city with her avian allure. No one knows exactly where this female […]

Credit: dora_marie These two love to nap together, and grooming each other is part of their daily routine.

Two cute white tiger cubs were born at Lowry Park Zoo last October. They are now venturing into the public, giving morning visitors at the zoo a glimpse, if they are lucky, of the rare baby tigers. The 7-week-old cubs were kept safely behind closed doors until they started exploring more of the Asian Gardens […]

A couple living in Cumberland County reunited with their lost cat. The cat escaped in the car accident they had.. Jonathan Dennington and and Rachel Dennington, the owners, were living in Parkton when the accident happened, in June. They were going back homeafter a visit to Goldsboro when another car, driven by a teenager of […]

A Tampa feline risked one of its precious nine lives: he SAVED his master from a house fire. John Griffen, the owner of this home, was sleeping peacefully when a fire started in the house. Griffen didn’t have a smoke alarm. His cat Charley, knew something was wrong, literally smelling the danger and woke his […]

Credit: caspermoller The picture was taken in Anantara elephant camp in the Golden Triangle, Thailand, February 2008.

The zoo of EDINBURGH Zoo is playing a very important role in a bid to save one of the world’s rarest birds: the Socorro dove. Only a few birds did survive in private collections in Britain and Germany, where breeding pairs have been formed to help sustain a population in danger on extinction. Edinburgh Zoo […]

A HEDGEHOG who had this very new surgery consisting in rebuilding its face has recovered completely and has been sent back home to her babies. The operation was carried out by Dr Jonathan Hadley. The surgery is thought to be the first one done in such a local place. The hedgehog had its surgery at […]

Now have you ever seen such a digger in your life?:) Howard can, I am sure, dig his way to China…if he wants!

Wings of Wonder, a nonprofit conservation group, which focuses on birds such as eagles and other raptors, will set free a 2-year-old female eagle Saturday at 3 p.m., from the parking lot of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore visitor’s center located in Empire. Rebecca Lessard is the director of Wings of Wonder. The splendid […]

Credit: law_keven This *kitty* seems to wonder who is that beautiful feline there on the other side!

A YEARLING New Forest pony was rescued when yesterday morning, the poor thing got entangled in a wire fence at the foot of a bank on Keyhaven Marshes. Firefighters from Lymington and Eastleigh worked with their animal rescuer and expert, Jim Green, the RSPCA and also the veterinarian vet to save the pony which belong […]

A nice slideshow of dogs and puppies.

This is most certainly a premiere: the first horse that we could be wrapped up and give as a gift for Christmas! It is probably a new record: the smallest horse to be born at Riverdance Miniature Horses in Australia: the baby is only 15in (3.3 hands) high, a small dog size! A man at […]

These animals show the world how it can be done. Yes, we can,; if they can, we can!

If you have or have experienced arthritis pain, you probably feel it more when the temperature gets more cold…so what do you do to help the pain go away? Raymond Petterson is dressing his mare with a little more than the usual horse shoes: he’s banking on a brand new business he says will keep […]

Credit: greefus groinks Everybody or everybunny, as we say in the bunny world will tell you that this as an ADORATAIL!

MUMBAI: A thief who agilely climbed the walls of a six-storied building to steal from a flat on the 5th floor lost his balance when a dog barked at him. The thief who fell from a height of about 50 feet is now trying to make sure he didn’t steal his own life away at […]

If they could talk….

On September 23, 2008 a small bobcat and brothers and sisters were hit by an automobile on C470 close to Morrison road. Lakewood animal control, officer Jamie Johnston answered and rescued the only one bobcat that survived. The Division of Wildlife gave their consent for the bobcat to be rushed to the Animal Hospital of […]

Puppies!!! Pup-pies!!!! PUPPIES!!!!!! (can you tell I’m excited?!)

Lance Corporal Nick Sciorrotta is a US Marine serving in Iraq stop One day when he was out on a routine patrol noticed a group of children picking something up in the air. Turned out that they were kicking a puppy back and forth like a football. Nick reacted immediately ran towards the kitchen yelled […]

Credit: tanakawho Staying with today’s dog themeI just had to post this photo of Fluffy Choco. Fluffy is a six-month-old girl and as far as I’m concerned she can have any treat that she wants as long as she looks at me like that!

On the topic of a dog is man’s best friend, choose a barking dog helps prevent a theft in Stafford County. According to the share the resident was upstairs in his home with his dog slowly began to bark like crazy. Going downstairs to check on the dog go Marshall, to his surprise, the men […]

Dogs surely are man’s best friend. Unbelievable beautiful collection of dog photos.

Here’s the situation; you find a bird but you don’t know the owner. But your vet might know somebody who is missing a bird. So now what? Well accountant Sue Hill, from the UK, that telephone number of the possible owner and… put the bird on the phone. Hearing her owners voice the bird at […]




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