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October, 2008

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An early Thursday fire burned down a house in El Paso, Texas. The family was almost trapped inside if it hadn’t been for their dog. The famil’s dog started barking in order to wake them up. The family alerted the fire department. Firefighters were quickly on the scene and in turn were able to rescue […]

Credit: dro!d See, I’m cute. Super cute. I’m “give me food” cute. Right? Gimme! Gimme!…. Please?!

Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World is a bitter-sweet book: 99%sweet, 1% bitter. Author Vicki Myron is one of the main characters of this book: the story has really happened. Years ago as Vicki came to work she and a co-worker found an almost frozen stiff cat in the returned books dump. […]

The amazing beauty of cats. Aren’t they something? Here’re 49 slides, beautiful slides, of wonderful felines.

Lamont Rhodes, 11, and his friend Bradley Price, 10, both from Bedford Heights, were walking when they heard meows of a cat in distress. After a bit of searching they were able to locate the source of the sound. Looking inside a storm sewer they noticed a kitten was sort of stuck. As fast as […]

Ow man, this is so cute, it’s probably illegal!

Denise Bilowus aways hoped Smokey would come back. Although her hope grew dimmer as time went on, she never gave it up completely. When she moved to another house she made sure her telephone number stayed the same so animal service could reach her if they ever would find Smokey. Then she received a text […]

Credit: jpockele The Temptress Maximus rabbit is fully equipped to extract edible gifts from its humans by slightly titling its super cute fluffy adorable head… <sigh … gets out treats>

Walking along the beach they, a father and his son, heard a dog barking for help. Looking around they found a Dobermann trapped in the rocks. They tried for half an hour to help the dog but to avail. A 911 call brought a quick response. Two firefighter crews launched a rescue operation for the […]

Step BACK from that keyboard, back! Drool can seriously damage your keyboard, kthxbai!

Kentucky was one of the places where the National Rescue Ride campaign took place yesterday. Their ride was the benefit the Kentucky Equine Humane Center in Nicholasville. The ride was done by 30 people on horse, one on foot. It works pretty much like any other charity ride. Riders register to ride and raise money, […]

This just breaks me up; I get a huge lump in my throat. “Stacy would like to dedicate this ride to her dad who went to live in Heaven just 24 days ago. Thanks for teaching me … … to keep trying new things.”

Drivers in Tupelo Mississippi were used to seeing Gypsey the mutt greet them. Living in the nearby woods she was uncatchable, even though several attempts were made. She wasn’t shy though and often accepted the food we humans left her. One thing she did love, LOVE, to do was chase cars. This Monday she was […]

Credit: yasmapaz & ace_heart Seems like an appropriate title, “Melting With Puppy”, as this 16 day (!) old Maltese puppy is sssooooo adorable!

Sometimes things get weird and sometimes things get weird. To me, rabbits, yes you read that right, rabbits shutting down a major tourist attraction is weirdness maximus. Robben Island, South Africa, which houses the prison where political prisoners, among which Nelson Mandela, were kept will be shut down for two weeks to try to figure […]

Some of these photos you just have to wonder; what do cats see that we don’t?

Judith Price, a Birmingham Post reader, from the United Kingdom has been drawn at random to have the honor of naming cuddly German Shepherd puppy which was born into the breeding program of the West Midland Police. More than 300 people came up with names but Judith’s idea to name him Brim after the city […]

The author of the video said; Why does it do that?! My bunny started licking the outside of my fridge..I dont know why..

Credit: MarinaAvila Lua the baby hamster is just too cute in this pic, looking like she either realized something really really bad or is ashamed

#4 is my favorite! …. and #6… oh and #10 ! and…. oh well…

Used to be you went out, closed and locked the door and that was that. Let the dog alone until late at night. If he’s destructive, in the bathroom he goes. But as time and manner have have progressed, so does the way we see and treat the pets we invited to live with us. […]




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