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September, 2008

Kittens are like little kids: they don’t want to sleep even if they’re crashing!

Tillman is an English bulldog. A smart one and sporty! Tillman, you see, likes to skateboard. Yes, you read that right: this dog likes to skateboard and he can skateboard. With three paws on the board he uses the fourth to gain speed. He’s very good at it, being able to steer to both sides […]

Credit: Toronja Azul [gasp!] have. to. post. …. falling. over. cuteness. too. much! [boink!]

“Attention all kitten lovers, please roll up your tongue to prevent drooling. At all times keep your ‘oooh’s and ‘aaaah’s to yourself unless you want to sound like a broken record” :) Ready? Here we go!

When asked if he wants a treat, Gary does a little circle. There’s a small delay between the sound and the video but you’ll get the idea :)

In Tampa Florida authorities report that 82-year-old Alice Ferrari and her 83-year-old friend Ted Kolanko stood a big chance of having died in last Saturday’s fire. Unlike his normal behavior the pooch woke the couple up at 4 AM. Exasperated Alice opened the door to let him out. But he ran out and right away […]

Credit: gamenerd Autumn has arrived so what better than to dip back into Spring with a photo of the cutest, softest, cuddley-bundley-iest ducklings?

From jumping Jack Flash to sleepy reader; 40 moments of utter cat cuteness.

13 gems of wisdom. Great to share with your friends.

Ouch! Too. Cute. Raw footage from Canadian wildlife cuteness.

Credit: foshie Hey, if the stores can put out the Christmas stuff, we can post snow pictures, right? Right! Fluffy pictured in this photo hung out a few hours (!) in the snow like this when his owners brought him back in to dry by the fire.

“Well, I mean, cats and humans are so… different, you know? Less… evolved, I would say”, she said. “Uhuh”, I said.

Credit: Brendan Adkins Yeah …. Rrright….

After apparently having solved all other serious problems the Israeli city of Petah Tikva, near Tel Aviv, is now ready to move on to more trivial issues such as dog poo. That’s not to say that the matter itself is handled trivially. Nooo… Dog owner are to head over to their nearest vet, have their […]

Whenever his master isn’t watching, this cat sneaks a little bit closer… and closer…. and closer.

17 slides of animals in love.

Attention: Good Animal News is not responsible for any excess production of drool while watching this video of a cute puppy. Nor can we be held responsible for any swooning or fainting or ….

There are just 500 Sumatran tigers in the wild and there were about 200 more in captivity. Today there are 203 in captivity. Chrissie, one of 3 Sumatran tiger at the Honolulu Zoo, has given birth to 3 tiger cubs. It’s the first tiger birth at the Honolulu Zoo in 27 years. There are no […]

Credit: greefus groinks OK, true, all baby animals are cute but when they’re so small you can hold them in the palm of your hand ……

Mason Buddy from Wonderland Auto found the customer’s comments about the strange purring noise the Toyota made during a test drive odd, to say the least. Handy with cars, obviously, he popped the hood to investigate. The source of the purring engine problem was immediately clear: he found a tiny, thin and by now very […]

Wonderfully recognizable series of slides on life with pets. The way a dog can be your best friend and a cat your most honest one. The crazy destruction both of them can cause and the “oooowwww!” smile-moments of utter cuteness they give us. *sigh* … OK, I’m a sucker for this stuff…

Credit: iheartsharts These two are SO cute together, I’m seeing all woozy… Or is that photo just a bit blurry? :)

A compilation of the cutest, sweetest, funniest and sleepiest cat videos out there, set to the music of Bjorks, “It’s Oh So Quiet”

The Scottsdale Police 911 call center received a 911 call on September 10 at about 11:45 AM. The 911 operator, Chris Trott, a veteran police dispatcher, had never had a call like this before. This call was from a dog. On the other end of the phone, she heard the whimpering and barking of “Buddy”, […]




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