Happy news about animals

February, 2008

Credit: peterastn Welsh rabbit sitting in the grass

Credit: Lance McCord Fuzzy cuddly in the San Diego zoo

Credit: oopsilon No wisdom in this saying but it sure is cute :)

Credit: ryancr Cavies (guinea pigs) Though Toffee & Nougat sharing a baby carrot.

Credit: lanky_larry Asha the baby elephant from the Dublin zoo.

Credit: chadmill Silver-gray Weimaraner with beautiful blue eyes. The way he buries his nose there you just *have* to cuddle him!

Credit: Turtblu Baby sitting on a toy cow.

Credit: mockstar Grey-white fluffy cat laying on its back looking into the camera. One paw with its pink cushions is visible.

Credit: ucumari Polar bear Willy having some fun. This exhibit has been renovated.

Tiny kittens are among the cutest life forms.

This puppy seems to be dreaming.

Puppy Nose, originally uploaded by dakotaduff. Only a puppy can lay this relaxed on the floor

Beaker & the Guinea Pigs, originally uploaded by iLoveButter. The cat seems to be very mellow :)

Rabbit in the Dryer, originally uploaded by TheTim. And together with a sheet of Downy, this is why I’m so fluffy

Anabells Kitten at 4 Weeks, originally uploaded by endbradley. I’m ssssssssinging in the flowers, just ssssssssinging in the flowers…. what a wwwwwwwonderful feeling….. I’m *kitten* again….

Maine coon kittens, originally uploaded by eleda. I’m sorry….. I love you….




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