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December, 2007

A mechanical cow that breaks wind on the hour has become Edinburgh’s latest tourist attraction. The bovine backside has been attached to the side of the Rowan Tree pub in the city’s historic Old Town. It lifts its tail and shoots out a cloud of white smoke at passers-by throughout the day. Pub landlord Norrie […]

For two weeks Lightning has been sending Patricia Fisher, the woman who nursed her back to health, a wordless message. It’s time to let her go. Lightning, a bald eagle, was severely injured in June of 2005 when the tree holding her nest in Waushara County was struck by lightning and started on fire. Lightning […]

A drunk Cambodian man became embroiled in an unfortunate genital incident when, as he was urinating through a fence, a happy little puppy on the other side bit onto his penis. News reports in Phnom Penh said that Kann Veasna was relieving himself through a hole in the fence after a hard day drinking wine […]

A cat that had been missing since its owners’ home was leveled by a natural gas explosion has been found alive, according to a local newspaper. David and Valerie Fitzgerald’s other cat, Oscar, was found shortly after the blast at 44 Willowdale St. on Tuesday. Lilly emerged from the rubble as crews cleared charred debris […]

Cat and mouse may never be the same. Japanese scientists say they‘ve used genetic engineering to create mice that show no fear of felines, a development that may shed new light on mammal behavior and the nature of fear itself. “Mice are naturally terrified of cats, and usually panic or flee at the smell of […]

For a few hours, Golden, Colorado, native Kameron Wolpert was like any other nine-year-old girl. She giggled when the dolphin nudged her chest with its snout, and at the dolphin trainer’s request, she gripped the tiny mackerel and fed it to Nuba. In return, the fish massaged her knees and legs, encouraging her to leave […]

A female African elephant calf born at the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park late this summer has been named Phakamile, which means “noble” in the African language of siSwati, zoo officials announced Monday. The calf was born Sept. 19 to 17-year-old Umoya, becoming the third pachyderm born at the Wild Animal Park over the […]

A DOG’S life has been saved by a blood donation from another pet. Rosie, a 10-year-old bearded collie, received a life-saving transfusion hours before an emergency operation to remove her spleen after developing tumours. Owner Lizzie Gault, from Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, said Rosie would not have survived the surgery without the blood donation as she was […]

HERE’S a moggie with a look that’s straight from the catwalk. He’s modelling the latest in pampered petware – a wig for your cat. They’re available in a range of colours to suit their owner from a new American website. And are bound to be a hit with dippy owners who already spend thousands every […]

A cat is heading back home to St. Louis after he was found 700 miles away and missing for more than five years. Some animal lovers tell News 4 that they are scratching their heads about this mystery trip. Tracie Quackenbush found a long haired white cat in a tree and rescued him five years […]

Rarely is a regurgitated turkey gizzard the centerpiece of a charming story. When you add such characters as the overeager Pomeranian and the intrepid schoolgirl, the tale is more easily swallowed. Ten-year-old Tori Grimm’s family was cooking Thanksgiving dinner two weeks ago in their New Albany home. Five-year-old Gizmo peeked with interest over the dog […]

Bill Campbell used to have a near-phobia about dogs based on a bad childhood experience. But after suffering brain injuries from repeated explosions in Iraq and dealing with the resulting mental challenges, he might find that a dog raised by an inmate in New York is his best friend. Even his wife, Domenica Campbell, thinks […]

Wine, roses, chocolate; all of these gifts help impress our better halves. I for one am partial to the romantic “gift certificate” for backrubs and other tasks, mostly because I’m forgetful and cheap. Male dolphins in the mood for love need none of these things. It turns out that THE gift in your classier dolphin […]

A HORSE was rescued from a swimming pool in Rudgwick , UK. Fire crews from Horsham and Storrington arrived at a house off Guildford Road at around 7.45pm where the animal was unable to get out of the pool. The water level was reduced by pumps and firefighters lifted the horse out with the use […]

Police officer Rebecca Rosenblatt has a new partner. His name is Reese, and he cost $9,500. He came to the police department courtesy of the Millbrae Community Foundation. Reese is a 17-month-old German shepherd who is trained to track, search and protect, said Millbrae Police Cmdr. Marc Farber. Reese and Rosenblatt are now on the […]

The next time you see someone pushing a stroller, take a closer look. The occupant might be furry, four-legged and diaper-free. Dog strollers are the newest trend to hit the streets of Toronto. And the reasons range from all-out glamour to the more mundane. “We sell more when the weather gets nasty,” says Mike Fitzpatrick, […]

A dog and his owner have been reunited after last Friday’s horrific tanker crash along Interstate 95 in Waterford. The pit bull in a tractor-trailer struck by a tanker truck on the highway was reunited with his owner over the weekend. As chaos broke out on I-95, a heroic pit bull remained calm, sitting in […]

After making its way slightly off nature’s beaten path and into Wisconsin, one little green-breasted mango has found its way to safety, with the help of the human hand. Neighbors in the area of Sandale Drive in Beloit – who had been receiving regular visits from the hummingbird since July – lured it into a […]

Tabitha Cain has fed a feral cat she calls Wild Oats for several years, but now she’s thinking of changing the feline’s name to Survivor. That’s because she says the cat survived for 19 days with a peanut butter jar stuck on its head. “We tried to get her, but being the type of cat […]

Kids are motivated by the darndest things. For students at Cameron Elementary School, it was the prospect of seeing their principal, William Mannion, kiss a farm animal that motivated them to raise more than $1,000 for victims of the recent Southland fires. On Wednesday, the students’ efforts paid off. Led out by members of Covina […]

Members of an elephant family may be out of sight but they are always in the minds of the herd’s matriarchs, reseachers have found. Tests have found that female elephants are able to remember the whereabouts of at least 17 family members simultaneously and perhaps as many as 30. They can keep mental tabs on […]

When it’s monkey verse man who do you think will win? The answer may surprise you. Researchers in Japan pitted 5 year old chimpanzees against human adults in a memory test. Both groups sat in front of video screens with numbers one through nine scattered on them. One by one the chimps touched the numbers… […]

Two miniature horses. Two very different worlds. The one they call Mini Horse is a TV celebrity. The one they call Wonder Girl toils in anonymity. Mini Horse lives in California’s Hollywood Hills. Wonder Girl sleeps in a stable. Mini Horse gets all the laughs. Wonder Girl gets all the tears. While Mini Horse is […]

Ask your feathered friends over to dine this winter. Birds are easy guests. Set the table with a feeder full of seed at a place in your yard where you can watch from a window. Finish off the table setting with a birdbath full of water nearby. Before too long, the birds will recognize your […]

A Cedar Rapids woman is crediting her cat with possibly saving her life from exposure to carbon monoxide. For the last week, or longer, Jeanie Probst says her black and white cat named Oreo made a screeching racket every time the furnace in her apartment kicked on. The cat would also constantly look at the […]

Tigers and pigs living together? It sounds unusual, but in Thailand a 6-year old tiger is taking care of some piglets as if they were her own. Saimai lives at a zoo near Bangkok. She has watched the little pigs since she was 2-years old. The tiger, herself, was brought up by a sow. The […]




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