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November, 2007

Izzie the Great Dane had been expecting four new pups, but after going into labour she just kept delivering, and delivering, and delivering. Twenty-four hours later, the new mum was celebrating the arrival of 15 new babies – six short of the world record. It has all comes as something of a shock to owners […]

Jane Fryer said her kitten Skittles sometimes too closely follows the example of the members at the fraternity where he lives with Fryer’s boyfriend. “[Skittles] will run around the room at full speed and try to climb up everything. He has no fear, just like the frat boys,” Fryer (sophomore-hotel, restaurant and institutional management) said. […]

You’ve heard of dogs being used to sniff out bombs, drugs, even track people when their trails go cold. But how about dogs that can sniff out potentially dangerous mold in people’s homes? One company says it’s true. They say their 3-year-old Giant Schnauzer is a four-legged mold inspector. These days Ebony is making the […]

As many as 130 species of birds were spotted by teams of bird lovers in a day-long ‘race’ held in Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam. The exercise was held as part of the HSBC India Bird Race organised by KeralaBirder, a bird lovers group on the Internet. In Thiruvananthapuram, the race was organised by the green groups […]

Though the days of sun drenched hours are gone for a while, the birds of the air are still abundant in the skies of their middle Tennessee homes, including those in Bedford County. Their sonnets of song glide on the autumn breezes as the leaves sail the currents they share with the winged friends. For […]

Tina and Studla will be given some time to bond with their newborn – a 247-pound female African elephant – before visitors to the Montgomery Zoo view them outdoors. The newborn arrived Friday and has not yet been given a name, zoo spokeswoman Sarah McKemey said Sunday. She said the community will be involved in […]

Boo Boo the Chihuahua is the world smallest dog. At just four inches tall, the diminutive dog in Raceland, Kentucky now has the very big title of smallest in the world. The Guinness Book of World Records made it official. Lana Elswick says her Chihuahua Boo-Boo was born the size of her thumb. Elswick says […]

A Dallas family lost everything when fire ripped through their home around 5:30 a.m. Sunday. The family was sound asleep when an electrical outlet caught fire in the 2600 block of Birmingham Avenue in South Dallas. Clifford Brown and his mother Betty were asleep when the fire broke out. Then their family dog Lucy jumped […]

Early this year, when villagers discovered a huge male tiger trapped in an abandoned well in the largest of India’s tiger preserves, they did a remarkable thing: They concocted a handmade rope-and-bamboo ladder, lowered it into the well and set the big cat free. And when India’s most notorious gang of tiger poachers showed up […]

A Dutch scientist claims to have discovered a new species of wild pig nearly twice the size of other pigs in the remote south eastern Amazon region of Brazil. At four feet long and 90 pounds, the pig dubbed Pecari maximus has been there for a long time and a familiar sight to natives on […]

The influential America-based Science magazine published a photo Friday which it claimed to be of a wild South China tiger, which was taken in northwest China. The magazine quoted Gary Koehler of Washington State’s Department of Fish and Wildlife as saying that “it’s tremendously exciting news, if it can be substantiated”. The photograph, purporting to […]

Japanese scientists have created genetically-modified mice that, shorn of their ability to sense dangerous smells, will even snuggle up to a kitten, according to a study released on Wednesday by the journal Nature. The mice were engineered to lack specific nasal receptors that respond to the scent of rotting food or predators, in a project […]

A $10,000 cat is back with its rightful owner thanks to a dedicated Florida cop. Mike Brock, of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, owns a dog and three cats. Prior to taking the case, he was jokingly known as the “pet detective.” His nickname is now official thanks to this latest case. The cat’s owner, […]

Dogs have the ability to do some of the most amazing things. They help lead the blind, find missing people, and even help police catch bad guys. You’ve probably never seen a dog who can help detect diabetes in a human. In fact, we may have found the only one like her in the San […]

Two young Chicago boys were honored Thursday for their efforts to enhance the safety of police dogs. Jonathan and David Walker-Moses, ages 5 and 6, were recognized at the Chicago police headquarters. Earlier this summer, the boys held a garage sale and donated all the proceeds to help buy a vest for a Chicago police […]

SAM the German shepherd dog has been given a police bravery award after he was nearly strangled while trying to detain a suspect in Nuneaton. The nine-year-old police dog was on duty with partner PC Ian Head when a car drove past without any lights in September last year. Suspecting the car was stolen, PC […]

Roxy is going to be famous in 2008. This Kansas City kitty is featured in “The 365 Kittens-A-Year Calendar 2008,” a picture-a-day wall calendar. Workman, which publishes the calendar, had a “Kittens of Distinction” photo contest to find cats for its pages. Teede Stipich of Kansas City sent in photos of her black cat Roxy, […]

A pit bull puppy named Miracle is recovering from burns on her body. The Detroit Free Press reports the 2-month-old dog is the sole survivor of a litter of five who died Saturday night in an arson at an abandoned home in Detroit. An animal rescue service took the bandaged pup to a veterinarian in […]

A border collie in England may redefine “dog tired” after surviving nine days in a car trunk by going into a type of hibernation. Tamer Jones, who owned Gale, all but gave up hope of finding the dog after it disappeared from her farm in Fylingthorpe, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday. It turns out Gale […]

The trials and tribulations of one of Britain’s largest colonies of terns have been captured for a BBC wildlife programme tonight. The 1,300 pairs of terns – or sea swallows – at Cemlyn nature reserve were filmed over a breeding season for The Nature of Britain programme. The birds travel thousands of miles from Africa […]

If the diamond-studded JooZoo MP3 player wasn’t enough for your spoiled pup, why not treat them to a luxurious soak in the automatic dog washing machine. This machine is the latest craze for spoilt pooches in Poitiers, France and at $30,000 it’s an expensive one! To prove that the machine is safe for dogs, the […]

A Michigan couple narrowly escaped death when a 600-pound cow fell 200 feet from a Washington state cliff and landed on the hood of their moving minivan. Charles and Linda Everson miraculously were unhurt, but the cow had to be euthanized. The couple was driving through Washington to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Charles Everson […]

The nation’s largest manure-to-natural gas plant got up and running Monday in the heart of Texas dairy country, a project expected to produce enough energy to power 11,000 homes a year. In a high-profile example of the growing need for alternative energy, Huckabay Ridge gets manure from local dairy farms, processes it with grease and […]

The dreams of many young girls have been granted as D3Publisher of America, Inc. (D3PA) today announced that Horse Life™, an original game exclusively for the Nintendo DS™, has shipped to retail. Horse Life immerses players in the equestrian world by putting a horse right inside of their DS. Available for $29.95 MSRP, players must […]

A catastrophe was narrowly averted Monday morning in Black Rock as firefighters battled a blaze in a multi-family apartment house. A woman and her cat were rescued by firefighters from their third-floor apartment as smoke filled the morning sky. The woman, identified as Melissa Belle-Isle, was taken to St. Vincent’s Medical Center suffering from smoke […]

Instead of flushing leftover medicine down the toilet, the federal government is urging consumers to mix unused drugs with kitty litter, dog feces or sawdust before they toss it in the trash. The goal is to make controlled substances unappealing to drug abusers without adding dangerous substances to the environment, as often happens when prescription […]

A champion whippet missing from her home on a farm in Damascus for several weeks was reunited with her owners over the weekend. Randy Jaeger said he and his wife, Dianna, were taking their regular walk to look for her, when their whippet, Sunny, came running out of the woods on their neighbor’s farm Saturday […]

Strangler figs, live oaks and gumbo limbos shade the graves of Confederate soldiers and Florida pioneers. At Fort Lauderdale’s Evergreen Cemetery, a few fragments of history linger in a city overrun by strip malls. The old graveyard also provides a haven for a vast variety of warblers, tanagers and other birds trying to navigate ancient […]

Flying north for its annual fall return to the colder regions of the northern hemisphere, an eyebrowed thrush took a wrong turn and found itself in Jerusalem at 6 am on Sunday. The thrush was identified at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory of the Society for the Preservation of Nature in Israel’s Urban Wildlife Site by […]

Incidents of a seabird preying on colonies of another species at night may be unique to a remote islands archipelago. Ecologist Will Miles said initial research of great skua preying on Leach’s petrel on St Kilda found the behaviour was unlikely to be common. The National Trust for Scotland (NTS) has been recording “alarming” falls […]

Alaska’s only elephant is getting a one-way ticket out of town Thursday, courtesy of the U.S. Air Force. After a dispute that lasted months between those wanting Maggie to stay at The Alaska Zoo and those advocating for a warmer climate, the 25-year-old African elephant is heading to the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in […]

In retirement, Ballard’s been able to fulfill the dream he’s had since childhood of working full-time with horses, training them to be the best horse they can be. He does it with his voice and through a gentle touch and kind, but firm direction. The trusting eyes that follow his every move and the ears […]

A heroic dog and cat were serenaded by a singing dog during the ASPCA awards banquet today, where they were honored for saving their owners’ lives. The dog, a 2-year-old golden retriever named Toby, performed a modified Heimlich maneuver on his owner, Debbie Parkhurst of North East, Md., when she choked on a piece of […]

Geneticists have mapped the genome of Cinnamon, a 4-year-old Abyssinian cat from Missouri, making felines the latest animal to have their DNA deciphered. Why is this important? Cats are prone to more than 250 diseases, many similar to our own. The better we understand their genetic makeup, the better we might develop treatments for AIDS, […]

A doberman in Australia that was rescued earlier from an animal shelter, repaid his new owners in time by saving their 17-month-old daughter from a deadly snake. Khan, as his new owners call him, picked up Charlotte Svillicic by his teeth and threw her over his shoulder. In so doing, the dog took the bite […]




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