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October, 2007

A Valley cat can surely cross off one of its nine lives after being trapped next to a car’s engine and taken around town Friday.The cat was picked up by a driver who spotted it on Loop 101 near McDowell Road and thought it had been fatally hit by a car. The cat, however, turned […]

Preliminary information from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reveals more than 71 million people watched, fed, or photographed wild birds in 2006, the latest figures available. They spent $45 billion pursuing their hobby. That makes feeding wild birds one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United States, with widespread and evenly-distributed fans […]

Elizabete Gouveia has cerebral palsy, cannot stand or sit up by herself and needs regular physiotherapy. But for the last few months she has been enjoying horse riding as part of her treatment regime. Her father Manuel, from Torres Vedras, Portugal, says the treatment – known as hippotherapy – is proving very beneficial to three-year-old […]

For almost a year now, RNC. Const. Russ Moores has been bringing his partner home with him at the end of his shift. His name is Rocky, and he’s a bomb-detection dog. The demand for police service dogs trained in explosives detection increased throughout North America after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. When the Royal […]

You always thought it was a myth, but Professor Richard Wiseman, of the University of Hertfordshire, England, says it’s a fact: pets and their owners are just like married couples and they get more alike over time. He asked 2500 pet owners to complete online questionnaires and found they shared such traits as happiness, intelligence, […]

A motorcycle crash almost took a woman’s life in September, but her rescuer was on his paws and ready to help. On Thursday, Suzanne Fitzsimmons was reunited with her rescuer, Max, a dog who was adopted by Ursula Trudeau two weeks before Fitzsimmons’ crash. “I’ve had lots of dogs but never had an experience like […]

New official statistics on the UK’s wild bird population show no significant changes to the pattern of the last 37 years. The government’s indicators cover breeding seabird and woodland bird populations and wintering wetland birds, and assesses progress against the government’s Public Service Agreement target for breeding farmland birds in England. The all-species indicator shows […]

Zoe got a good deal. The Kansas City Zoo’s newest addition to its pachyderm pack arrived by truck Tuesday from a small zoo in Waco, Texas. Here she will inhabit one of the largest elephant yards in the country. “It’s like coming to an elephant penthouse,” said Scott McCall, manager of the elephant staff. Zoe, […]

Perched atop a tree branch draped between two walls in a small flight room, a red-tailed hawk at the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center stared intensely into the eyes of the few humans standing in the room. Although just a few feet separated the predatory bird from the humans, the 1-year-old bird did not […]

Volunteers with Pacific Wildlife Care report that they have found a permanent home for a visually impaired golden eagle they have been rehabilitating for several months. Zoo to You, a conservation educational organization based in Paso Robles, will pick up the bird today. It will be used in the group’s educational outreach programs, said Kelly […]

This was a pit bull mauling everyone can cheer. Except Anthony Easley. Easley, 37, was arraigned Thursday on charges of an attempted sexual assault and burglary that took place four months ago in San Jose. It was an attack stopped, and ultimately solved, authorities say, by the ferocious protectiveness of Maya, a 4-year-old pit bull […]

Hooch Chapman, the 98-pound dog struck by a train Wednesday near Verdi, is living another day. The 7-year-old Labrador retriever mix underwent surgery Thursday at Community Animal Hospital in northwest Reno, where he is recovering from massive injuries. “I think it’s going to be pretty good,” Dr. John Koehm said of Hooch’s prognosis. Jay Chapman, […]

As if regaining her bearings, a rehabilitated bald eagle stood by the White River on Thursday and uncertainly flapped her wings. After a few minutes, she glided gracefully across the river and perched in a treetop, as the group of people who saved her life applauded. An area fishing guide found the injured eagle about […]

Two cuddly balls of fur currently hiding out at the Buffalo Zoo represent new hope for survival of the Amur tiger, whose fast-disappearing natural population is centered in the Russian Far East, half a world away. The unnamed cubs, a male and a female, arrived late Oct. 6 or early Oct. 7, weighing in at […]

The One Laptop Per Child Project (OLPC) is toying with a novel source of power for its low-cost XO laptops: cows. “We plan to drive a dynamo (taken from an old Fiat) through a system of belts and pulleys using cows/cattle,” wrote OLPC’s Arjun Sarwal, in an e-mail dated Oct. 21 and posted to one […]

THURSDAY November 1 will see the start of the biggest ever bird survey to hit the UK. The British Trust for Ornithology is mobilising an army of 50,000 birdwatchers to undertake a stock-take of the UK’s birds with the aim of understanding how recent changes to our climate and habitats are affecting Britain’s birds. Bird […]

VALLEY COTTAGE – For a week straight, Nancy Deacon-Owens and her neighbors heard a constant meowing at night. Just down the street, a cat had made its way 50 or 60 feet up a tree. It turned out 3-month-old Blackie belonged to Owens’ neighbor, Doreen McQuillan on Christian Herald Road. “I’m assuming either a truck […]

Taipei – A 16-year-old dog has become the talk of the town in Taipei after it travelled 50 kilometres to find its way home, only to be abandoned again by its new owner, Taiwanese media and a dog rescue agency said Thursday. The dog, a local mix named Hsiao Huang (Little Yellow), was left to […]

Travis the German Shepherd has swopped walkies for wheelies. The nine-year-old is zipping around the streets of Wigan again after being fitted with his very own specialist canine buggy. Travis suffers from a degenerative spinal illness called CDRM which has progressively robbed him of the use of his back legs. There is no treatment currently […]

On Tuesday our family dog Roxy, was attacked by a swarm of hornets. She was tied up outside our house and got tangled around a vine and stepped on the nest. Roxy was stung hundreds of times. The police were called and rescued the dog from the bees and brought her to the Byram Animal […]

A project for the manufacture of handmade paper from elephant dung in north Bengal’s Cooch Behar forest division is at an advanced stage of completion, the required infrastructure is being put in place and the process of imparting training to the staff is underway. It would be the first of its kind in the country, […]

Kerzner International, international developer and operator of destination resorts and luxury hotel properties and their partner, Istithmar PJSC, a Dubai World company, announced the completion of Dolphin Bay, one of the largest man-made dolphin habitats in the world at Atlantis, The Palm. Dolphin Bay will provide care of the dolphins by an international team of […]

A dolphin, which lost its tail, is now getting another chance to swim. Winter lost her tail a couple of years ago in a crab trap. Now, with the help of a prosthetic, she’s learning to swim and jump. In 2005, Winter was found near Titusville, tangled in a crab trap line. She was dehydrated […]

Imagine waking up to darkness. An estimated 10 million Americans wake up every morning in darkness, according to the American Foundation for the Blind, and with an American going blind every seven minutes many more people will learn to live in the dark, the foundation said. But they are getting four-legged help. The world famous […]




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