Happy news about animals

September, 2007

KINGSTON – A stray 6-week-old calico kitten who accidentally traveled from New Jersey to New Hampshire has been adopted. When C.G. Shaffer of Raymond saw a newspaper article about the kitten’s journey up the East Coast in the underbelly of a Ford Explorer, she called the Kingston Police Department the same day. Shaffer was one […]

Words can barely explain the gratitude felt by a Calgary woman towards four firefighters who came to the rescue of her 15-year-old Chihuahua accidentally locked in the car. This past summer, Charlotte Barber was popping up to drop something off in her southwest apartment when she realized she had locked her keys in her car […]

WHITE PLAINS – When he was 2 years old, Todd O’Neill’s mom remembers, he clambered out of his playpen and disappeared. “I was frantic,” Dolores O’Neill recalled. “I even called the police.” Before they arrived however, a neighbor came over with the toddler in hand. He had climbed over the fence into the yard next […]

The fire began Early Saturday morning in the 2800 block of Homewood Drive. Elizabeth Wilhelm was awakened by the barking of “Puppy no Name”. It’s the name she gave the dog after it showed up on her doorstep last February. “The dog was up on my front porch here. It was skin and bones and […]

After picking up her paycheck from Allen’s Cleaning Service, Donna Brown got into her 2001 blue Pontiac Grand Am at 11 a.m. on Friday and began to drive her husband, Albert, to an auto parts store. Albert, who lives with his wife, their daughter, LeEssa, and his wife’s mother, on Niles School Road in Pownal, […]

Speedy Gonzales may be “the fastest mouse in all Mexico” but he’s got nothing on another tiny terror with roots south of the border – Maddy the Chihuahua from New York City. The 2-year-old, 4-1/2-pound pup won the title of America’s Fastest Chihuahua yesterday, leaving 14 rivals in the dust as she covered a 35-foot […]

A large white animal, swimming in the Yangtze River, has been videotaped by a Chinese man. The animal, scientists state, belongs to a dolphin species unique to China and feared extinct. That was made official by Chinese authorities last Wednesday. An international team failed to find a single baiji, the name given to the long-beaked, […]

Last July the staff of “Go North!” visited the KARE 11 morning shows to explain their educational adventure . and to invite viewers to name a husky puppy. Three thousand suggestions later, the puppy has a name – and so do five of her brothers and sisters. That puppy – now much bigger – joined […]

The 46th elephant cub born in Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka recently was ceremoniously named today as Vidula. The elephant cub received the name after a children’s radio channel initiated by the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) recently. The elephant cub got the name Vidula on the request of the pioneer of the radio […]




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