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July, 2007

For nearly three weeks, employees spent hours unsuccessfully trying to locate a dog they heard yelping from somewhere in the mountains above the Hawaii Nature Center in Iao Valley. On Wednesday, persistence paid off when Steven Fischer found the emaciated female heeler mix on an 8-foot ledge above a 400-foot cliff. “I knew there was […]

A bovine wheelchair would have made a fitting present for Jersey Eliza who celebrated her 21st year last Monday. The old cow with dodgy back legs was treated to a bucket of her favourite food – dairy pellets – and plenty of pats from family and friends who gathered to celebrate her special day. Her […]

A pony that fell into an abandoned well this morning was rescued unharmed after crews used a tow truck from a local auto repair shop to lift it to safety. The pint-sized equine was reported trapped in the well on Parker Hill Road just before 11 a.m. The well was located just outside the fenced-in […]

Before coming to the rescue of others on the silver screen, Ginger, the Spa City’s newest celebrity, had to be saved herself. The spunky Irish terrier and star of the film “Firehouse Dog” became a famous rescue dog only after she received a second chance at life as a puppy. Now, after months of acting […]

It’s called Slentrol and it’s the first drug aimed at helping pudgy pooches shed some pounds. Those at CSU College of Veterinary Medicine say it’s due out in May, but they’ve gotten a chance to take at a look at it. “I don’t think this is a huge marketing ploy because when you have half […]

A cat and her five kittens survived a night in a sealed box on the doorsteps of the Oregon Humane Society Wednesday night and now angry officials are doing everything they can to find out who abandoned them. The animals were found by OHS workers Thursday morning inside a small storage container that was wrapped […]

Like all other rare and endangered non-domesticated animals, baby White Tigers require extremely species-specific nutrition and care. They, require feeding every 2 hours, 24 hours a day for the first 3 weeks of their life. The mother of these tiger cubs in El-Mahdia, Tunisia refuses to feed them or doesn’t have enough milk. Local veterinary […]

A rescue team navigated flooded farmland in a boat to save a 70-year-old woman and her dog from rising floodwaters and made another critical rescue, a pot of stew from the woman’s stove. Geneva Taptto frantically began calling for help Wednesday when she realized her rural home near Walters was surrounded by floodwaters. Local sheriff’s […]

After a series of wildlife rescues that included two swans, one hawk, one vulture and even a false alarm with a plastic duck, coming to the aid of a trapped kitten may have seemed back to normal for the Warwick Valley Humane Society. Chim-chiminey, a tiny gray and white male kitten, was only three weeks […]

A horse had to be rescued by firefighters after becoming stuck in a farm gate for more than two hours. The New Forest gelding had tried to jump a galvanised farm gate in the West End area and its hind rear leg caught in the top rail. The horse was given a sedative by a […]

Friday was a very lucky day for Pedro, a 2-year-old black and white Havanese dog that had been missing for two weeks. Although a little disheveled, many ticks and a limping hind leg the little critter greeted his family with a wagging body and kisses. The New York City canine had accompanied its owner Jeanne […]

The capercaillie – one of the UK’s rarest birds – may be on the verge of a recovery. The RSPB believes last year’s breeding season for the birds was the best for 15 years and says the population may even be expanding in some areas. There are currently only 1,000 breeding pairs of capercaillie in […]

Dubai: A large nesting colony of Bank Myna, a variety of the common Myna or Pied Starling, has been spotted off Al Warsan. It is known as one of the largest breeding grounds of the bird in the country. “The nests were spotted in a desert area, off the Dubai Municipality’s Sewage Treatment Plant in […]

For 18-year-old Darah Gerou, it’s a matter of pride. Gerou, who uses a wheelchair, has worked for months to make her senior project at Poway High School the most awesome one in her class. So determined is she to prove to classmates – and perhaps herself – that her cerebral palsy will never slow her […]

A CAT which survived for seven weeks trapped beneath a kitchen cabinet after its owners moved house has been reunited with the family. Lucky 14-year-old Lucy, had been left behind when the Duke family moved from Stone, near Dartford in Kent to the Highland Capital. Unbeknown to the Dukes, or the new owner of their […]

Canadians are crazy in love with their pets. According to an Ipsos Reid survey, Canadians would choose their pets over a partner. One third of cat and dog owners said they would not marry, or even live with someone who disliked pets. According to the poll, a quarter of cat owners say they would keep […]

You could call it the Ritz-Carlton hotel approach to boarding and kenneling your dog – doggy condominiums for the pampered pooch. Bend Pet Resort earlier this year introduced the first doggy condos to Central Oregon after dog owners continually requested something more upscale. “People would bring me their dogs and ask me, ‘Can’t you just […]

Pet food’s been a hot topic as of late. There’ve been product recalls, contaminated wheat gluten, salmonella-laced pet treats, and lots of recipes for “homemade” pet food. When we heard the news on our ranch, we didn’t have to rush out and check the label on our dog food. I guess you could say our […]

At two weeks old, the five kittens in the Hester household are starting to show some independence. When Emmy, the only girl in the litter, stretches her legs and makes her way out of the box, it’s Bailey who picks her up by the scruff of her neck and carries her back. And it’s Bailey […]

ONE HAS TO WONDER exactly why Argentinean boffins were feeding Viagra to hamsters in the first place. What deviant practice had they in mind and would pictures subsequently appear on the web? But putting aside these unsavoury thoughts, whatever the reason, the scientists at the National University of Quilmes in Buenos Aires appear to have […]

A 27-year-old Chico, Calif. man, who is planning to ride around the world on horseback, is riding through Broome County today. Ezra Cooley began his trek in April 2006. New York is the 11th state he’s ridden through on what he says will be an eight-year odyssey. He plans to finish the United States portion […]

The Maui Ocean Center invites ocean enthusiasts to check out the newest addition to its tanks, a 6-foot tiger shark named Ikaika, whose home is the Open Ocean exhibit, a 750,000 gallon tank featuring a 54-foot acrylic tunnel that allows guests to stand nose to nose with a shark or watching them swim above. “Ikaika” […]

When man’s best friend goes missing all stops are pulled out to reunite the two – but one north Suffolk woman has gone further than most, chartering a helicopter to find her missing pets. Sabrina Wheetman has spent anxious weeks scouring the south Norfolk and north Suffolk countryside since Spook and Buffy escaped her garden […]

For two nights recently, Nancy Bowker listened to the moanful cries of her cat, Curry. The year-old, gold-and-white female cat was stranded 70 feet up in a hard maple tree. “I didn’t know what to do,” she said. “I called the fire department and the sheriff’s department, and they said there was nothing they could […]

Are there some hikes in your spring and summer plans? If so, make sure you pack your binoculars and field guide. Extra weight is frowned on when you are deciding what goes in the backpack, but I have a reason for encouraging hikers to carry binos and a book. Anyone going into the high country […]

If you thought that outsourcing was true of just the IT industry, you need to live a dog’s life to know how not true it is. Dog owners in Mumbai are fast discovering the comfort of a new phenomenon called “dogsourcing”. With most dog owners finding it difficult to spend quality time with their pets, […]

A woman who is six months pregnant and her two young sons escaped injury when a fire broke out yesterday in their South Amboy home, officials said. The family cat was saved using cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. The fire struck the three-story South Pine Avenue house shortly after 5:30 p.m., city Fire Marshal Ed Szatkowski said. The […]




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