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July, 2007

Ohio’s bald eagle population is flying high with a record 164 nests in 45 counties this year, according to tallies by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Of the record raft of nests, 115 were successful in fledging young, with current reports indicating 186 eaglets. That production is down from the record production of 205 eaglets […]

This is an important summer for kori bustards at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. Four chicks of this threatened African bird have hatched in June and July. Along with the bumper crop of baby birds is a bumper crop of new information for scientists working to preserve the species, thanks to an electronic egg that transmits […]

Some rare guests, feathered friends in need, are making their home at least for a few weeks at the International Bird Rescue Research Center in Fairfield. “I’ve worked here seven years and I’ve never seen an white faced ibis,” said assistant rehabilitation manager Megan Prelinger. But now, the research center has 78 white faced ibis […]

IT’S BEEN a bumpy journey for little terns. But a record number of terns now adorn the Hartlepool and east Durham coastline – despite the nests coming under attack from hedgehogs. More than 100 little tern chicks, one of Britain’s rarest sea birds, have hatched on a breeding area at Crimdon near Hartlepool. And after […]

A Brit driver alarmed over the unusual sound his car’s engine was making was stunned when he found that the reason for the noise was a kitten. According to the BBC, the kitten had climbed inside the engine but had been unable to come out. 61-year old Victor Gallacher, drove his range rover around for […]

A CANINE hero stabbed protecting a man from a mugger is back home after surgery. Kaiser the Staffordshire bull terrier was seriously injured on Saturday, while saving Craig Cunningham from an assailant. Mr Cunningham, 31, from Moorclose, Workington, looks after his friend’s pet dog on a regular basis and was walking the dog between 10.30pm […]

A team from the Guinness Book of World Records was in Niota over the weekend to measure Tina the horse. Tina stands about 20 hands tall, which is about 7 feet. The current record holder is only 6 feet 9 and half inches tall. Tina’s measurements will be authenticated in London at Guinness’s headquarters. In […]

Marti Healy believes God gave man dominion over the creatures of the earth with strings attached: Rule with kindness, love unconditionally and listen for lessons of the heart. A lifelong animal lover, Healy has discovered a deep spirituality in her relationships with dogs and cats, lessons she explores in her book, “The God-Dog Connection“. The […]

As strangers begin to approach, a stirring inside the double-fenced pen registers to Maria Ferguson. From the outside, it takes a moment to discern the slowly moving shapes within the dense shade of the enclosure. Two layers of steel-wire fencing distract your focus like a window screen, while the glare of the afternoon sun dares […]

The reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park has had a dramatic effect on its environment, helping to restore its ecological balance to a more natural state that was last seen half a century ago. Since wolves were returned to America’s most celebrated national park in 1995 after an absence of 70 years, young aspen […]

Duchess, the cow that broke records during her last lactation by milking 80 litres a day, has just given birth to a baby girl which is already showing signs of being a big producer. Proud owners and Dairy Farmers suppliers, Cameron and Marie Lou Janke, of Westbrook, 15km west of Toowoomba, said the yet unnamed […]

A startling discovery of two massive prehistoric tusks – possibly the largest ever found in the world – could prove to be a “gold mine” for scientists seeking clues into Europe’s past, say Greek and Dutch researchers excavating the site in northern Greece. The petrified remains of a mastodon – an elephant-like creature – with […]

A well-known tourist destination is preparing to welcome 250,000 overseas visitors. Every year, migrating birds from as far away as Iceland, Scandinavia and Russia flock to Southport’s Ribble Estuary (UK) to rest and refuel. A quarter of a million birds visit the estuary every year and the huge numbers and variety of birds make the […]

Aniki is one tough and lucky Rottweiler as he managed to spend 29 days lost in the woods of Mount Seymour before being rescued by strangers. The four-year-old dog was found on Saturday by a female hiker who saw him on her way to Brockton Point on the mountain. She saw the dog before telling […]

Paula Kelley is a reading volunteer on Tuesdays for the Grand Traverse/Antrim Migrant Summer School at Lakeland Elementary School in Elk Rapids. Bear, her golden retriever/collie mix, is a reading therapy dog. They could go by car, but that’s 50 minutes away. Instead, they take a 22-foot powerboat on a 15-minute jaunt across East Bay, […]

An albatross, found on a Somerset beach by a walker, has been released after a check-up by animal rescuers. The bird, believed to be either a yellow-nosed or black-browed albatross, was discovered, apparently uninjured, on the beach at Brean on Friday. After a once over by staff at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre, near […]

What do you feed worms? Worm Chow, of course, made by Purina just like Puppy Chow and Dog Chow and Cat Chow. You can also feed them organic material. And what do you get? Wonderful stuff to enrich your garden. “Everything they produce is used in organic gardening,” worm entrepreneur John Lask said last week, […]

A study conducted by University of Leeds researchers suggests that proteins that cause mad cow disease may be exploited to protect against Alzheimer’s. In laboratory tests, the researchers observed that high levels of the prions in the brain prevented the accumulation of beta amyloid, the building blocks of Alzheimer’s ‘plaques’. Study leader Professor Nigel Hooper […]

A stolen puppy found at a Del City apartment complex led investigators to a stash of stolen items, police said. Bethany and Del City police officers recovered stolen items from one of the apartments after questioning five juveniles about recent burglaries in Bethany. If the puppy had not been found, police probably wouldn’t have recovered […]

The newborn black howler monkey at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo seems so small and so quiet right now. But once the pint-sized primate grows up, it’ll be among the loudest animals on the planet. Second in volume only to the blue whale, the black howler monkey is the loudest animal on earth, emitting yells that can […]

It takes just a few simple steps for bird lovers to attract their feathered friends to their yards. Making some minor adjustments to properties will help attract different varieties of birds, particularly songbirds, according to a press release from Cornell University’s Cooperative Extension. With growing recognition the climate is warming, native plants are the best […]

A CAT is being hailed a hero after finding his badly injured brother and dragging him home to safety. And his owner says a human who did the same thing would have been given a medal. Hamish, a one-year-old black short-hair cat, is believed to have been on his way home to Bond Avenue, West […]

Meet Miss Kit Cat, a tough little feline with a lot of heart. When the Angora Fire ripped through South Lake Tahoe in California, residents ran for cover but Kit Cat had other plans. “I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the big plume of smoke and got really concerned at that point,” […]

A fairy pitta, a rare bird in the avian world, was spotted in Geoje, Gyeongnam Province, singing its distinctive mating call. The migratory bird, which comes to Korea in the summer, was designated as Korea’s 204th natural treasure, but has not been seen in the country since. A dead fairy pitta was found in 2002, […]

A puppy found hobbling in the Kuwaiti desert has ended up at Colorado State University, where she might be a candidate for an experimental prosthesis that could one day help humans. Sally, a Saluki, was spotted in the desert several months ago by a volunteer with animal welfare group PAWS and taken to a shelter […]

Like a cat on the prowl, the ‘hunter’ was stalking toward a drying water hole. The ground was littered with fallen twigs and leaves and he had to step carefully. Bending to avoid a thorny branch, he momentarily lost concentration and ‘thud..’.. a mistaken step on a stick alerted his prey. With a loud flutter, […]

She was baffled by the strange noise coming from the hood of her car. Was it time for a tune-up? Was it serious? Was it – no really, could it be . . . a car bomb? Nope, it was just her cat, Mr. Pink. A flexible South Philly feline maneuvered its way into a […]

A small Illinois kitten has eight lives left after getting itself stuck in a van’s engine. Mechanics working at a Midas muffler shop in Tinsley Park found the kitten wedged beside the van’s radiator after hearing several strange noises. At first they thought the meowing was from a pet store commercial that was playing on […]

Researchers at the Methodist Neurological Institute (NI) in Houston and Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City used functional MRI to determine that songbirds have a pronounced right-brain response to the sound of songs, establishing a foundational study for future research on songbird models of speech disorders such as stuttering, as reported today in […]

UNALASKA, Alaska – A bald eagle perches atop a pole near the road. Standing 50 feet away, I slowly aim my camera and fire. The bird barely budges. Creeping two steps forward, I shoot a second frame. The bird doesn’t move. I edge forward, approaching and firing in two-step increments. Finally, about 15 feet away, […]

When Dave Gordon’s dog started barking at 3 p.m. last Friday Gordon thought it was the usual bunny hopping across his lawn. But when his 15-year-old son, Rion looked out of the window of his home on East Shawnigan Lake Rd., he saw something not so warm and fuzzy. A healthy-looking six-foot long cougar was […]

Here are 10 reasons your own backyard may be the best place for bird-watching — especially during the summer. 1. You don’t have to endure oppressive heat or pesky mosquitoes. Backyard bird-watching is a pain-free way to enjoy the sight of a bird like a blue jay standing regal on a fence or indecorously dunking […]

A CURIOUS kitten was rescued by firefighters after it climbed intoatoilet and got stuck after squeezing through the U-bend. Its owners are thought to have heard a splash and a cry and raced into the bathroom of their home in Cotham, Bristol, to look for theireight-week-old pet. They soon realised their daredevil cat had not […]

After 10 months the East family had given up all hope they would ever see their missing cat Lewis again. So they were shocked and thrilled when the seven-year-old black moggy returned suddenly to their Old Catton home. Marie East, 28, mum of Ben, three, and Owen, 18 months, said: “Lewis had disappeared on a […]

For more than a decade, the dark depths of the Knysna forest have been a lonely outpost for the last survivor of South Africa’s once great forest elephant herds. The eventual death of this elephant, an elderly female called the Matriarch, would mean the country’s last free-roaming elephant would finally join the Knysna buffalo, which […]

A wild hen turkey does not mind socializing with humans, as Mel and Donnie Kelly have found out. The bird just literally came knocking on their front door of their home near Yountsville about two weeks ago. “The first night she was here she pecked on the door as if she wanted to come inside,” […]

A member of the Bryant police force retired Monday night at the age of 84, but in dog years. The Bryant City Council honored Velick, a 12-year-old German Shepherd with a plaque during a special retirement presentation. The dog has been with the department since 2001. Velick also served with the Saline County Sheriff’s Office […]

Wednesday afternoon, a 125-pound Great Pyrenees in the Union Valley area became trapped up to its neck in a what firefighters describe as a “quicksand pit” made up of water, sand and mud at least four feet deep. The treacherous pit formed because of all the rain the county has received in the past few […]

A rubber horse is the latest training tool being used by firefighters in south Wales to help in animal rescues. Lucky the horse stands at 5ft (1.52m) tall, with a 70ins (1.77cm) girth and weighs in at 70 stone (450kg). He will be used to help South Wales Fire Service’s new large animal rescue team […]

A family from Evansville is set to fulfill one of their biggest dreams thanks to the Wish Upon a Star Program. The Adler family’s twin sons got their wish to swim with the dolphins in Key Largo, Florida as part of a therapy program. Adam and Aaron are 18 years old and have battled disabilities […]

On a warm spring day, you are likely to find Dr. Mike Painter inside a barn treating one of his four-legged patients rather than at his Oakley chiropractic office examining humans. Last week, Painter spent an entire morning at Pleasanton’s Buena Amor Ranch, where he saw two regular patients: a 5-year-old gelding named Meike and […]

THEY are known for their daredevil antics at the top of trees. But when Winky the baby squirrel became separated from his mum, he was in for a tumble that would test the toughest of characters. Four-week-old Winky plunged 60ft on to concrete from the top of a towering sycamore tree outside Didsbury Village Barbers. […]

A woman who helped rescue an injured cat on the roadside got a surprise when a veterinarian told her it was a wild and potentially dangerous bobcat. Liza Eldred, her teenage daughter and the girl’s friend found the female bobcat Saturday on U.S. 98 in south Baldwin County, wrapped it in a sweatshirt and drove […]

Environmentalists are excited by the discovery of an endangered sea bird 10,000 kilometres from where it was tagged by scientists off Cape York in far north Queensland more than 20 years ago. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says the herald petrel that was tagged on Raine Island in 1984 has been seen off the coast […]

Who’s in charge at your house? You – or your dog? If you answered in the latter category, you’re not alone. Maria Ryan, who has been training people on training their dogs for a decade, says the biggest mistake pet owners make involves exercise. Most dogs don’t get enough. “If more people would walk their […]

Bob the Bernese mountain dog doesn’t know how lucky he is. Abandoned shortly after birth, Bob is on his way from Mankato to a new home in Vancouver, British Columbia — via a ride to northern Wyoming with a Good Samaritan. Waiting for him will be two little girls and their parents just aching to […]

Each week one third-grade student at Fountain Lake Elementary School leaves class for 30 minutes for a special time with Buddy. Buddy is a beautiful collie who recently moved to Hot Springs Village from Madison, Wis., with his owners, Carla and Howard Olson. He has been trained from the time he was a puppy to […]

Students from the Grayson County High School donated their time and hardwork to build birdhouses and birdfeeders for the Grayson Manor in Leitchfield. Larry Fleenor’s woodworking class built eighteen birdhouses. The employees of Grayson Manor then painted each of them to reflect each others different personalities. Larry Baker’s metalworking class built six bird feeders and […]

A poorly cat who was plagued by hay fever has been given a special inhaler after a rape field was planted next to his home. Bruno, who suffers from asthma, nearly died after he succumbed to the wheezing and spluttering that plagues millions of humans during the summer months. Owner Anna Dickie noticed her moggie’s […]

The 3,500-mile partition is twice as long as the Great Wall of China but cannot stop dromedaries in search of a mate. One of the world’s biggest man-made structures, Australia’s Dog Fence, is under threat from amorous wild camels barging into it in search of partners. The 3,500 mile-long fence, stretching into Queens land from […]




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