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May, 2007

Imagine being 3 feet tall and being able to come face to face with a horse as small as you are. Toddlers in Claudia Campbell’s Little Pony Mommy and Me class get to do just that. The class is the latest addition to Campbell’s packed schedule. The busy mom of 1-year-old Sasha and 3-year-old Arabella […]

A 70-pound Rottweiler that alerted its sleeping owners to a fire in their house has been honored by the Mount Clemens Fire Department with a huge, 2-foot-long rawhide bone. It was the first time the fire department ever presented a heroism award to a four-legged creature, according to fire Capt. Gregg Shipman. “This modern-day Lassie […]

The Windber Hospice was the first hospice program in Pennsylvania, and now it is the first to offer bird feeders to its patients as part of the Hospice Signature Bird Feeder Program. Hospice volunteer Linda Quinn, who has been spearheading the program along with her husband Mike, also a hospice volunteer, said the idea for […]

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon when Maiden Rescue Squad got the call: A kitten’s head was wedged underneath the brake pedal of a truck. The kitten and his owner were returning home from a veterinarian’s visit when the kitten wandered his way to the driver’s side floorboard, as was told to Maiden Rescue Squad […]

Mable McCormick is going to get her dog back. Toby, the 3-year-old keeshond credited with saving the 93-year-old Greensburg woman’s life as a tornado demolished her home Friday, was located by veterinarians working the disaster Monday. “We’ve got our hero back,” McCormick’s daughter, Donna Hunter, said Tuesday. Toby was with relatives in Dodge City a […]

Torre used to shake as his paws pressed against steel grates like those found on fire escapes. On Tuesday morning, the Czechoslovakian shepherd barely flinched. Handler Alan Bennett, a deputy sheriff with the Broome County Sheriff’s Office, said the Southern Tier Police Canine Association’s agility/obstacle course on Airport Road in the Town of Maine has […]

On April 11, visitors at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve were gathering for the Wednesday bird walk. While everyone stood watching the feeders, a small jewel of a bird flew in to one feeder. Its head and throat were turquoise, its breast brick red, and its belly white. It was a male lazuli bunting, the preserve’s […]

AN unusual bird made an appearance in a Sale car park on Wednesday – but luckily was rescued by the RSPCA. The golden pheasant, which is normally found in dense woodland or forestry plantations, was found in the car park at Sainsbury’s and rescued by RSPCA inspector Paul Heaton. The bird, which was uninjured, will […]

The Prescott Animal Hospital treats animals of every shape and size. However, treating horses at its Iron Springs Road office is a challenge. Horse owners find it difficult to maneuver their trucks and trailers on the parking lot. All that is about to change. The veterinarians at the animal hospital are opening a new equine […]

A RESTORED horse-drawn grocery van fondly remembered by Fleckney residents has made its first appearance since the 1950s. The refurbished Co-op van was back in the public eye at the recent St George’s Day event in the village. It was its first public appearance since a restoration project was finished at the end of last […]

A demand by Catron County officials to remove an endangered Mexican gray wolf from the wild in southwestern New Mexico has been rejected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. County officials wanted the female wolf removed because they said it had a history of cattle depredations. The county threatened to enforce an ordinance it […]

Nine-year-old jack russell terrier George is being honoured with a posthumous bravery medal for saving five New Zealand children from an attack by two pit bulls. The medal from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) comes after US Vietnam veteran Jerrell Hudman said he was sending his Purple Heart medal to […]

Parents wishing to bypass the violence in video games can’t go wrong with “Snapshot Adventures: Secret of Bird Island.” This unique game enthralls children in a mystery while teaching them about birds and how to photograph them. Although this may not sound like the makings of a great game, it is. It is published by […]

Turner & Hooch may be the No. 1 dog and human detective team in the movies, but locally, it’s Pam Hawley and her chocolate Labrador, Lilly. Hawley said her four-legged friend has an uncanny knack for finding other people’s money. “He’s got a real good nose,” Hawley said. “He would make a good police dog. […]

FIREFIGHTERS were called to Higham today to help free a young bull which had its head stuck in a tree. The bull’s legs had also become entangled in barbed wire at Little Grange Farm in Hadleigh Road about 9.30am today. The animal had put its head in the fork of a tree but because it […]

Bloomington-Normal is becoming a haven for nature – at least that’s how it seems lately. First, there was the pair of peregrine falcons that hung around town a year ago. A nesting box was put in place atop Watterson Towers, the closest thing we have to a cliff around here. A peregrine falcon, perhaps one […]

A central India government funded census of wild elephants will be conducted in the forests of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka for three days beginning May 8. The census team includes officials from the state forest department, members from the local community and elephant lovers. P.S. Essa, who led the Kerala census operations in 1993, […]

RCMP dog handler Const. Aaron Sheedy, 33, and his drug-sniffing partner, Memphis, a three-year-old black Labrabador retriever, search for dope on a Westjet plane being readied for takeoff at Pearson Airport in Toronto. Memphis dashes through the aisle of the empty Boeing 737 as Sheedy grips her leash. She’s sniffing for dope hidden in the […]

Lindsay Sceats spends about 30 hours a week with horses — after school and on the weekends. “My bond with horses is extraordinarily important to me, and my daily hours at the barn are an escape from the pressures of school and the real world,” she said. Her love for the animals goes back to […]

The Dutch Embassy is to sponsor BirdLife Malta’s scientific research work on bird migration over the Maltese islands, BirdLife said yesterday during a visit by Ambassador Jan Heidsma to the Ghadira nature reserve, which is managed by BirdLife. The money made available by the Dutch Embassy will help the organisation to purchase and customise important […]

A recent paper published in the journal Science unveiled the entire genome of the rhesus macaque, an Old World monkey used extensively in medical and biological research. Researchers say the development will be highly informative about diseases in humans. “The availability of this genome sequence will enable new and better experiments that will speed up […]

The Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary in Orissa is eagerly awaiting the reunion of an elephant calf with its mother, week after its separation from the group. The seven-month-old calf was reportedly abandoned by its mother at a duck breeding centre near Ghatikia on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. As a herd of elephants sneaked into an agricultural […]




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