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May, 2007

Amanda, one of 13 capuchin monkeys at the Alameda Park Zoo, gave birth late Saturday night. The baby, whom zoo staff have named “A.J.,” will spend the first several months of its life clinging to mom as she moves about the enclosure she shares with 12 others of her kind, including a male named Amos. […]

A PIONEERING initiative which encourages youngsters to read more has received a warm welcome from education experts, parents and children. Already a massive success in America, Reading Education Assistance Dogs (Read) are specially-trained to sit with children and encourage them to enjoy books and reading. Scotts is the country’s first trained reading dog and he […]

A RARE songbird has tripled in number in 13 years and returned to Wales, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said yesterday. But the Dartford warbler’s population increase can only be sustained and improved if the Government protects the birds’ natural habitat, the RSPB said. The UK population of Dartford warblers increased from […]

A dog, who went missing after Hurricane Wilma two years ago, was reunited with her family. Chris Devilliers, 14, was so excited to see his 5-year-old dog Bella, that he skipped his end of school party Wednesday. Bella was found undernourished and anemic with white gums, said Miami-Dade County Animal Control Officer Lisa Yambrich. At […]

A family’s dog is being credited for waking everyone up in a burning house early this morning in the village of Mazomanie, allowing the family to escape the flames without injury. The fire happened at the home of Paul and Debra Hoffman, 18 Emily Road, at about 1:30 a.m., said Mazomanie Fire Chief Walter Peterson. […]

A woman who helped rescue an injured cat on the roadside got a surprise when a veterinarian told her it was a wild and potentially dangerous bobcat. Liza Eldred, her teenage daughter and the girl’s friend found the female bobcat Saturday on U.S. 98 in south Baldwin County, wrapped it in a sweatshirt and drove […]

How do you give an elephant a pedicure? The answer is very carefully. Anna is getting ready for her pedicure. She and Dolly have one foot done each week. It’s a breeze for these 8,000 pound zoo favorites. “Everything we do with the elephants is preventative maintenance. We want to make sure they stay healthy. […]

A 75-year-old woman who felt threatened by a wild cat rented a trap for $55 and caught the animal. But what’s in the cage? A rogue feline or a cat who just needs affection? A Cedar City animal-control officer compared it to Morris, the cat who appeared in TV commercials for pet food. “There’s nothing […]

The girl was labeled a “selective mute.” Traumatized as an infant, she chose not to speak to people for seven years of her childhood. Her first words, when they came, were directed to a big, furry German shepherd who listened carefully. The boy was autistic. Typical of that disorder, he shunned human contact and the […]

A bird is bringing a lot of attention to a family that just wanted to cut down a tree. A family that lives near the Gastonia Municipal Golf Course wanted to have a pine tree taken down because of problems with bird droppings. The company realized that there was a nest of a bird of […]

Jonathan Hartzell could not possibly have a better friend than Cojack, a Jack Russell Terrier. The 15-year old was deep in slumber late Thursday afternoon at his home on Lakeview Place when Cojack’s bark roused him to attention. Jonathan was surprised to find himself surrounded by smoke. The house was on fire. Both the teenager […]

Dolphins living off the coast of Wales whistle, bark and groan in a different dialect from dolphins off the western coast of Ireland, scientists have discovered. Different physical environments might have contributed to the mammals developing distinctive sets of vocalisations or “dialects”, said Simon Berrow from the Shannon Dolphin and Wildlife Foundation. Berrow supervised a […]

She hears the whispers when she walks into a store with Conrad, dressed in a green jacket, at her side. “Theyll say, Shes blind,” Sally Fleming-McCullagh says and smiles. “I usually like to make eye contact with them.” A member of Paws With a Purpose, Fleming-McCullagh is raising one of six Labrador retrievers the valley […]

A rare Siberian tiger that was moved from Quebec to Edmonton’s Valley Zoo last year has apparently been missing one of the biggest comforts of home – the French language. Zoo staff in Edmonton say the magnificent 300-pound tiger called Boris responds better to French than to the English most commonly heard in Alberta. The […]

At 4 feet high, with handsome gray-blue feathers, a long yellow bill and a dramatic black head plume, the great blue heron is a striking bird. And the only way a backyard birder used to be able to spot one would be if it flew overhead on its way to a nesting site. Herons are […]

A Hungarian research team reported the first Central European cloned rabbit in Godollo, near Budapest, on Friday, noting that this makes them one of five teams worldwide to successfully clone a bunny. The rabbit, named Tapsilla – equivalent to Thumpella in English – was born last week, said Professor Andras Dinnyes, head of the Agricultural […]

Herds of cows producing skimmed milk could soon be roaming our pastures, reports Cath O’Driscoll in Chemistry & Industry, the magazine of the SCI. Scientists in New Zealand have discovered that some cows have genes that give them a natural ability to produce skimmed milk and plan to use this information to breed herds of […]

Arthur Du Mosch has averted a cat-astrophe. The 49-year-old nature guide was fast asleep Monday, his family and pet cat dozing beside him, when a larger feline hopped in his bed for a latenight visit – a wild leopard, to be exact. Du Mosch, 49, a nature guide, didn’t flinch. Clad only in underwear and […]

After gloriously soaring to freedom over Falmouth on Sunday, a rare yellow-nosed albatross is back in captivity, thousands of miles from its South Atlantic range. Jane Dolph and her son were driving in the pouring rain Monday afternoon when they were startled by an enormous waddling bird in the middle of the road, under a […]

Police in Sanford stumbled onto an unusual case Friday morning. Officers were on the trail of a bovine bandit, WESH 2 News reported. Whether it was on the hunt for a midnight snack or just plain bored, the restless cow was on the move in Seminole County. It began around midnight, when the cow somehow […]

Hummingbirds, with their flighty nature and iridescent plumage, are celebrated visitors at windowsills and bird feeders across North America, even more so if they ever slow down long enough to pose for a photo. But the Bellaire family from Corbeil discovered earlier this week that when a male ruby-throated hummingbird stays still for too long, […]

A bald eagle pair has become the first of their species to become parents in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in 70 years. Rangers are encouraging humans to keep their distance from the birds, which have set up housekeeping high in a large tree. Pedestrians have been banned from the railroad tracks near the nest, […]

Big Cat Falls at Philadelphia Zoo has some new residents. Three rare Amur tiger cubs were born last night, the zoo announced today. They appear to be healthy, according to the zoo. Female tigers keep their cubs hidden after they’re born, the zoo says, and the tiger family will remain off-exhibit for about three months […]

Hero the dog is en route from Iraq to New Hampshire. U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes says the puppy that Army Spc. Justin Rollins rescued off the streets of Samarra the day before he died has a health certificate and a travel plan for her trip to New Hampshire. If all goes well, the dog is […]

The Topeka Zoo announces that hatching of two Golden Eagle Chicks. The zoo says the birds hatched on April 27 and May 1. Both chicks are being kept in the nest by their parents and are not visible to the public yet. Zoo staff says the chicks will be very dependent on their parents for […]

Deep in the heart of the Florida Keys, wildlife officials are laying bait laced with poison to try to wipe out a colony of enormous African rats that could threaten crops and other animals. U.S. federal and state officials are beginning the final phase of a two-year project to eradicate the Gambian pouched rats, which […]

The way Krissie the cat is filling in for Miranda the dog, she just might just warrant a Mother of the Year nomination. Miranda is a dachshund, one of 31 dogs recently plucked away from a Union Grove dog hoarder. Twenty-seven of the dogs were discovered March 25 crammed into dog carriers in a locked […]

It’s a sobering – and sometimes overlooked – statistic from the Iraq War. Of the more than 22,000 troops injured in the conflict, more than 500 have come home as amputees. A New York organization and a Chicago-area teenager are coming to their aid through the VetDogs program, which provides service dogs to such veterans. […]

A bird that is on the protected species list, a killdeer, makes a home in a very unusual place, a work site. It’s located on Suburban Road off South Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo. Work at that site has come to a halt while the expectant bird waits for her eggs to hatch. For […]

A baby elephant has been rescued – by the nose – moments after his mother apparently tried to crush and drown him. The drama took place just seconds after the baby was born in a zoo. Pori, a 26-year-old African elephant, shocked onlookers by appearing to stamp on her new son. She then began rolling […]

A long-running custody dispute over two dogs lost in Hurricane Katrina ended Tuesday when the Florida women who adopted the animals after the storm agreed to give them back. “This is what we wanted from the beginning, our dogs being back home,” Doreen Couture said at an emotional news conference. Steve and Doreen Couture and […]

Lord of the Rings actor Viggo Mortensen has a veterinarian’s bill after emergency surgery saved Brego, his mount in the film trilogy, the horse’s minder said. A small bowel tear almost did what the films’ villains Saruman, Sauron and the black riders could not – kill the trusty steed of Mortensen’s heroic character, Aragorn. The […]

Running through the fields with her newly-born foals, mare Royal Beatrice has good reason to celebrate – after managing the astonishingly rare feat of producing twins. The 22-year-old New Forest Pony has shocked equine experts with the surprise birth of healthy twin foals because the chances of both surviving are so slim. In nearly all […]

Scientists at the Woods Hole Research Center, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the University of Maryland have taken a novel approach to studying biological diversity by making use of laser remote sensing (lidar). Lidar data provide unique measurements of the 3-dimensional structure of vegetation, an important aspect of habitat diversity. Habitat heterogeneity and complexity […]

The bald eagle rescued by two brothers near the Michigan-Ohio border on Good Friday will be taken to a veterinarian’s office on Thursday night to have the pins removed from its broken wing. “If everything goes right, the pins will come out Thursday,” said Dave Hogan, a bird rehabilitation expert who is taking care of […]

Wyoming’s bald eagle population has reached a new high of more than 185 breeding pairs. The rebound has staggered ornithologists who predicted much lower recovery rates when the birds were first granted federal protection in 1967. The bald eagle population is soaring nationally, as well, with the number of breeding pairs in the lower 48 […]

A mosquito count scheduled for later this month will decide the schedule for any spraying required to control the pest. Although a tentative schedule has been scheduled for possible mosquito spraying throughout the community, it will not go into effect unless the count done by the county’s mosquito control department warrants it, said Kristi Connell, […]

IT has cost £500,000, has all the latest medical equipment and even a spa. . . but this hospital is for horses. The equine sports injury centre is on an 80-acre site at Normans Hall Farm, Pott Shrigley, Macclesfield. Specially designed stables will offer total care on site, with staff on 24-hour call. Veterinary physiotherapist […]

Firefighters perform all sorts of heroics, from putting out blazes, to helping the injured, to dealing with car wrecks. But Sunday saw a first: Maggie, the Anchorage Zoo’s beloved African elephant, had lain down inside her indoor enclosure – and she wouldn’t get up. Zoo employees asked firefighters from Station 8 on O’Malley Road to […]

Every morning, Mr. Zi runs to the footstool where his leash is kept, drags it to the floor and sits there impatiently, making demanding noises, until owner Camilla Gresham puts his halter on. Then it’s out the door they go. Just like a well-trained dog, Zi walks by her side, usually in the perfect heel […]

A new blue-and-green-throated hummingbird species has been discovered in a cloud forest in Colombia, and already needs protection from human encroachment, the experts who found the bird said yesterday. Called the gorgeted puffleg, the new species is easily twice as big as the thumb-sized hummingbirds found in the eastern United States, measuring between 3.5 inches […]

Desperate to deal with her dog’s destructive behavior, Leah Grape turned to popping pills — not for herself but for her pooch. A generic form of the antidepressant Prozac was a way to calm her Kobe, a Doberman mix who suffered from severe separation anxiety. “When he broke off his canine teeth in the crate […]

Where did the warblers go? North Jersey, it seems. While roughly a third of the warblers and other bird species that breed in the United States have suffered declines, several top birders in Bergen and Passaic counties say there have been above-average sightings locally this spring. At Garret Mountain in West Paterson, one of the […]

The appearance this year of an eagle on Kaua’i, an osprey on O’ahu, a harrier on Maui, and reports of peregrine falcons on several islands suggests either that there’s something strange going on, or that visits by these Mainland birds are far more common than most folks know. Bird watchers regularly make note of the […]

Lying on a padded, sheet-covered table, Abby closes her eyes, relaxes — and begins wagging her tail. The yellow Lab is getting a massage. Her owner, Patricia Whalen-Shaw, kneads Abby’s muscles, then glides her hands in a smooth, stroking motion over the area she’s worked. Pet massage classes are filling up with pet owners, groomers, […]

After Eric Congdon opened a crate from China and discovered a cat inside, coming up with a name for the furry stowaway was easy. China the cat had chewed through one of the boxes before it left Shanghai on April 3 and spent at least 35 days on a ship inside the container filled with […]

On April 26, Minden dog breeders June Holland and Doris Burke got quite the shock when their great dane gave birth to 16 puppies. Zora was scheduled to give birth to nine pups sometime in May but surprised her owners with almost double the number of offspring. The expected mother went into labour at 6 […]

A 4-year-old Boston terrier is one lucky dog after a duplex was heavily damaged by fire in Vergennes Tuesday afternoon. Firefighters said the fire started in the living room of one of the units near the high school but the cause appears to be accidental. After nearly an hour of fighting the fire, firefighters found […]

Say hello to this baby elephant – the first ever to be born in the Republic of Ireland! Dublin Zoo has been trumpeting the arrival of the baby girl elephant who was up and walking just eight minutes after she was born. The baby Asian elephant, which has not yet been named, was born in […]

The number of elephants in the sanctuaries of Neeligiri (INdia) biosphere spread over Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka has increased, according to a report as part of a three-day survey of wild elephants. The data collected during the survey which concluded on Wednesday had been sent to the Periyar Foundation and Kerala Forest Research Institute […]




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